March 22, 2011

SXSW Recap 2011

The Unique Squared Mobile Studio @ SXSW

Austin was an amazing experience, from the time we got there on Tuesday to leaving on Saturday, we did big things. The bus was constantly buzzing with appearances from established and up and coming emcees, producers and taste makers like Black Milk, Tanya Morgan, Tef Poe, Skip Coon, Jon Connor, Artifacts, DJ Burn One, Skyzoo, Trackstar the DJ from the Smoking Section, as well as the crew from DJ Booth. The recording process went smooth as butter and we got some great verses.

Von Pea, Don Will, and Cool Nutz in the Mobile Studio Lounge

Skewby, Fokis, and Antonio Tubbs in the Mobile Studio control room

In between all the recording going on, we had a show going Wednesday night with Quality Control at Club Fuze with living legend DJ Premier headlining and spinning tracks for NYGZ, Nick Javas, and Khaleel.

The Quality Control, Rappers I Know & Unique Squared Official SXSW Showcase

In addition, cats like R.E.K.S., Artifacts (official SXSW reunion btw), Binary Star and Atlanta’s own J-Live were rockin’ the spot. The showcase also featured west coast spitters Moe Green, Foreign Legion, Droop-E (son of West Coast legend E-40) and Tha Jacka. The place was packed and everyone was vibin’ to this multi-coastal event.

Thursday was definitely a more laid back than Wednesday. At the Mobile Studio we had the ‘Live at The Beat-B-Q with M-Phazes with additional DJ sets by DJ KAOS of Artifacts and DJ Kid Cedek.

The Unique Squared Live at The Beat-B-Q w/ M-Phazes

M gets an MVP award  for not only being cool and laid back but also going hard in the paint for us and doing sets at The Quality Control showcase, The Rising Show at Dizzy Rooster which I’m about to get into, and being part of a streaming interview conducted in the mobile studio via Rap-a-Yack during he ‘Beat-B-Q’ event.

M-Phazes on board The Unique Squared Mobile Studio

Friday was intense, despite our feet aching and running on 3 hours of sleep augmented by caffeine, we caught our 22nd wind and showed Austin that we meant business. During the day we partnered up with and 2Dope Boyz to present The Rising, which took place at The Dizzy Rooster.

The Rising - Sponsored by Unique Squared

This showcase included performances by Shane Eli, Tanya Morgan, King Mez, Freeway, Big K.R.I.T. and a surprise performance from Houston’s own Trae. I think my favorite performance had to be from K.R.I.T., I’ve been a fan since he released his album K.R.I.T. Wuz Here and when he performed “Home Town Hero” it reaffirmed my love of Hip Hop and why I got into this business in the first place. I also went crazy when Freeway performed “What We Do”.

Heiroglyphics's Casual inside the Mobile Studio vocal booth

El Da Sensei in the booth

With the bus gone Saturday morning and me not getting on the road back to the A until later that night, I had a chance to role with our camera guy Taylor and got a chance to check out the sights. I’m looking at you hipster bot and crazy horse person.  The people of Austin are friendly and the food is delicious. Cart food was a must, especially cause there wasn’t any time to sit down and eat (some of the favorites were vegetarian empanadas, bacon fried rice and the infamous waffle tacos) If you do have time, go by Iron Works and get some ribs. Also stop by The Austin Sports Tavern which is right next to the Clarion. They took care of us  the whole week we were down there. Good people.

Uniques Squared's own DJ Kid Cedek

All in all, Austin was incredible experience. Shoutouts to everyone on the team and working on site (Soul, Duplicuts, Scott, Taylor, Fokis, AJ, Acrojam, James, Jay) our sponsors:

The cats at DJ, 2 Dope Boyz, Quality Control, M-Phazes and everyone else that was working with us on this. It was a great first time out and we ain’t stopping yet!