May 12, 2011

Quality Control x Unique Squared Official SXSW Mixtape Release Announcement

The Quality Control Official SXSW Mixtape

Today we’re announcing the mixtape that so many have been asking about. While at this years’ South By Southwest Festival in Austin, TX the Mobile Studio team (Amond ‘AJ’ Jackson, Soul.Wallace, Tommy Blanco, Acrojam, Taylor, DJ Madflip, Mad Money James, Fokis and myself) was recording songs for what seemed to be 24 hours a day. Well, all those verses, beats, intros and outros have now been mixed, sequenced, and cut into one marvel of a mixtape.

The Quality Control x Unique Squared Official SXSW Mixtape showcases some of the best and most talented performers who graced the SXSW stages. Many of the emcess performed on one stage, then came to write and record on the tour bus (with an alloted time of about 30 minutes), then headed back out to perform another set on another stage at SXSW. To say this was a Herculean task on everyones’ part is an understatement. Auditioning, writing, and recording a brand new song within a specific time frame of 30 minutes is not for the faint at heart. But, that’s why this particular mixtape is unique. Only the truest of the true stepped in and made it happen.

Writing verses inside the lounge area of the Unique Squared Mobile Studio

The process started with beats being submitted to the Mobile Studio team by a select group of producers as well as a few lucky beatmakers sourced through Sonicbids. We then load these instrumentals on our DAW running Pro Tools 9. When emcees come on board to listen to the tracks, they aren’t told which producers have provided the material they are listening to. They can only go by what they hear and if it appeals to them, great. If not, they move on to the next track. This will minimize any nepotism performers may have and encourage new, never-before thought of collaborations. Our chief engineer, Fokis (Fokeezy) who has worked with Focus (of Aftermath), Punchline, and is also host and creator of Fokis on Hip hop, made sure the boards, mics, and levels were clean and crispy for all the emcees to record at their best.

Fokis behind the boards

So on any given day while at SXSW, we had a range of 25 – 50 emcees come through and LACE the booth with freshly written exclusiveness. People from Tanya Morgan and Skyzoo to J-Live and Moe Green all came through and went in heavy, hard, and full of heat! Once all the verses were recorded and backed up, it was off to mix, edit and add all the final sonic goodness to present it to the world. DJ Presyce from Chicago (who isn’t allowed to compete at Scribble Jam anymore, he’s THAT good), now reppin The ‘A’, came in and blessed the record with all cuts and scratches to bring it all together. If it was based on visuals alone, this mixtape is top contender for mixtape of the year. Visual crispyness (is that a word) was provided by Hanif Wondir (of Animal Farm) who went in and tied everything all around.

Below is that first leak and SXSW wrap up video in case you missed it. 4-IZE and Von Pea from Tanya Morgan contribute to our wrap-up video with ‘People’. And remember when you download the Quality Control x Unique Squared Official SXSW Mixtape, you’ll also receive a 10% off code to use for your next purchase at so you really have nothing to lose on this deal!

We want to thank Quality Control Marketing and all of our sponsors for helping to make this project such a rousing success:

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