May 12, 2011

MadFlip Mixtape with Auralex Mudguard |

Auralex MudGuard inside The Unique Squared Mobile Studio booth

Inside the Unique Squared Mobile Studio, we have all kinds of gear to be able to record, tweak, and play away to your hearts’ content. However, if the environment in which you have all that gear doesn’t provide ideal acoustics — it’s all for naught. Enter Auralex Acoustics. Auralex provides us with the most ideal blend of sonic engineering, visual aesthetics, and placement options to use their acoustic foam products.

DJ MadFlip making adjustments to the MudGuard

The Auralex MudGuard is an excellent way to minimize excessive room ambience and eliminate external noise bleed. You can imagine that if it’s such a good fit in our mobile recording studio, the home studio set-up would benefit from this greatly.

Still elated from the effects of the MudGuard, Taylor and Madflip jam out

Check out the video below to see the mind-blowing revolutionary effects of the Auralex MudGuard.

A big thank you goes out to Auralex for providing us with their top notch quality products and expert assistance during our design and installation process.