July 18, 2011

Final Day at BHF 2011 | UniqueSquared Mobile Studio

Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival

With a week-long amount of art, music, and vibes, the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival culminated on Saturday with what became a truly exceptional day.

For starters, on one end of the festival grounds were graffiti writers bombing on walls, Capoeira dancers demonstrations and exhibitions, as well as up-and-coming bands amongst other attractions and activities. It really did feel like a family oriented event. Then when you get over to the other side of the festival grounds, things start to heat up.

All of this is set under the precarious and breath-taking scenery of Brooklyn’s DUMBO (Directly under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) neighborhood. We we’re stationed directly under the Brooklyn Bridge which provided both, shelter from the sun (it was a hot one) and an almost impenetrable shield from the street noise. Now even if we didn’t have the bridge to shield us, we had plenty of ammo and auditory flank provided by none other than world famous, ‘Da Beatminerz’.

The truly MASSIVE crowd in front of the Mobile Studio while Da Beatminerz spun beats and good times

When DJ Skinny, DJ Evil Dee, DJ Wayne Ski, and Crazy DJ Bazarro decided to drop the bass? The Unique Squared Mobile Studio was untouchable

We paired our already powerful Mackie 450 SRM Speakers with not one, but TWO Mackie SRM 1801 subwoofers. Each sub has 1000 watts of raw power! Now being the seasoned dee jays that Da Beatminerz are, they kept an eye on the main stage for a break in the action. When the opportunity came by way of the intermission in between performances? BAM!!! The music dropped hard and heavy! Throngs of eager party-goers would flock, and I mean FLOCK over to the bus to see what was going on. Now understand, at times I counted four (4) dee jays going at once. That is not a typo, FOUR dee jays spinning on one system from the Mobile Studio. We had two (2) Numark TTX turntables, two (2) Numark V7 units, as well as the Numark NS6 – so at times they were taking turns between each other while the same song was still playing! All the while, keeping an eye on the main stage so that when the next act was ready to perform, Da Beatminerz would cut the music and the next act would start right on cue. And as soon as that act was done? BAM – Beatminerz would start all over again! It was such a sight to behold to see an entire festival crowd migrate between the main stage and the Mobile Studio.

Da Beatminerz, pulling in crowds from all directions

The Mobile Studio’s Soul.Wallace and Da Beatminerz

Performers ranged from great, to hot, to legendary. M.O.P., Random Axe, and Homeboy Sandman were some of the performers who all left the stage in a state of shambles due to the sheer strength of their performances. Brooklyn Bodega’s ‘Show and Prove’ winner L.A. gave a rousing set to start things off which her hometown crowd ate up. But there’s a reason why a headliner is named a headliner.

Q-Tip The Abstract

Q-Tip (from A Tribe Called Quest) had the well-deserved distinction of being the festival’s headliner. Performing hits from his deep and well-liked catalog, Q-tip blessed the crowd with songs like ‘Vivarant Thing’, ‘Excursions’, and ‘Bonita Applebum’. Song after song, the crowd became more and more engaged which perfectly fed into setting the stage for his much-rumored surprise guest(s).

Q-Tip and Monie Love

First up was Monie Love. A member of the Native Tongue collective, they performed together as if they had been on tour all this time and we even got to hear some ‘Monie In The Middle’.

Q-Tip and Black Thought

Next up was one of the most under celebrated emcees in the game, Black Thought of The Roots. The real treat about watching these two perform together is that you rarely see them together. But their respect for each other’s work is readily apparent on stage.

Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes

That lead the way for frequent Tribe collaborator and one of the all-time Master of Ceremonies, Busta Rhymes. Busta’s energy is something of a legend in Hip hop. With the stature of a offensive lineman and his renown lyrical dexterity, he is truly a great performer. They did the classic verses from ‘Scenario’ and Busta even kept it current by performing his verse from the recent Chris Brown smash,‘Look At Me Now’.

Kanye West at center stage with Q-Tip to his left

Finally, to top it all off, we all heard the intro to the Kanye West song ‘Dark Fantasy‘. Now many peoples expression and reaction was,’why is he playing a Kanye West song?’ Yup, out steps Kanye from behind the stage to an ERUPTION of cheers, cell phone cameras, and hands in the sky. They both ran through songs like ‘Dark Fantasy’, ‘All of The Lights’, and Kanye assisted Tip on the Tribe Called Quest calssic, ‘Award Tour’.

This year’s Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival was one for the books. Stay tuned for some more pics and video of the event.

We’d like to thank Wes Jackson and Kelli Jones for their assistance and professionalism. All of the artists, dee jays, and producers who came by and visited. And of course our sponsors for helping make this a breakthrough event for the Mobile Studio:

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