September 12, 2011

UniqueSquared DJ Jazzy Jeff Interview | Unique Squared Mobile Studio

Legendary turntablist, award-winning producer, and one of the most in-demand dee jays in the world, DJ Jazzy Jeff was in town on tour and stopped by our Mobile Studio to say hi (we helped out Jeff with his recording studio on wheels) and hang out for a bit.

DJ Jazzy Jeff in his UniqueSquared-furnished Mobile Studio

In preparation for Jill Sccott’s Summer Block Party tour, DJ Jazzy Jeff approached UniqueSquared about using our Mobile Studio for the duration of the tour in order to work on his current projects while out on the road. As much as we genuinely wanted to oblige, the Mobile Studio was already committed to several other events which would coincide on the same dates as Jill Scott’s tour. So we did the next best thing – we assisted him in building out the studio portion of his tour bus! Sponsors who helped outfit DJ Jazzy Jeff’s studio bus were Numark, PreSonus, Auralex, Mackie.

With only 38 hours to complete the entire project, including window wrap, studio install and setup, UniqueSquared’s Mobile Studio Program Director Soul.Wallace and Creative Director as well as Salem Psalm’s Amond ‘AJ’ Jackson sprung into action to help DJ Jazzy Jeff get all squared (no puns) away before the tour’s launch.

Auralex sound-proofing? Check.

Stock pile of gear from Check.

Expert installation by AJ? Check!

Mobile Studio Creative Director Amond ‘AJ’ Jackson showing DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Ferno the process of a mobile studio’s creation

The entire process was done in a very short amount of time so many of the parties involved never really got the chance to meet in person. However, on august 19th the tour made a stop at the Chastain Park Amphitheatre and everyone involved had to the opportunity to finally meet.

Prepping for the DJ Jazzy Jeff interview aboard his tour bus

Mobile Studio Program Director Soul.Wallace and DJ Jazzy Jeff

We’d like to thank DJ Jazzy Jeff for coming on board the UniqueSquared Mobile Studio and hanging out with us and of course, allowing us to go inside of his workspace as well. A big shout goes to Mint Condition, Doug E Fresh, Jill ScottDJ Ferno and Dosage. And Darnell for holding things down and the wearing of the many hats. The expediency of the project wouldn’t have been possible without UniqueSquared’s Mobile Studio Program Director Soul.Wallace and Salem Psalm’s Amond ‘AJ’ Jackson for the installation and studio design. As well as The Color Spot, Adnormous, and Star Coaches for providing printing, wrapping and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s tour bus, respectively. And of course, UniqueSquared Mobile Studio sponsors who jumped on board for this project: Numark, PreSonus, Auralex, Mackie.

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