February 15, 2012

Live5 Artist Showcase – Spring 2012

The UniqueSquared Mobile Studio presents a Live5 Showcase each season of the year. As the Spring approaches, it is time to have more local bands perform a live, free show. The Spring Showcase will take place at the Five Spot in Little 5 Points, Atlanta and the date of the event is special, as it only happens once every 4 years. Leap Year Day, February 29th at 8PM, doors will open for a show featuring three bands hailing from South Carolina and Georgia. Their sounds vary from folk, rock, blues, all the way to “slippery.” Here’s a preview of who to expect at the Spring Live5 Artist Showcase.

Joel T. Hamilton (Charleston, SC)

Joel T. Hamilton can be described as a jack of all trades performer. As a musician, songwriter, and lyricist, he claims to have trouble sticking to one instrument, genre, and voice respectfully. This results in a sound that can be characterized as “slippery.” You can listen to his latest 12 track album, “Feels Like We’re Gonna Win” on his Bandcamp page.

Joel T. Hamilton Bandcamp




Mountain Lion (Atlanta, GA)

Mountain Lion consists of two members, Addison Morarre (vocals, guitar) and Emma Maris (vocals, keys), who combine to create a folk/rock sound. The group had undergone a number of lineup changes before settling on the combination they have today. Mountain Lion’s forthcoming “Terra” EP is proof of their maturation from their previous EP, “Oceans.” You can listen to their lastest EP by checking out their Bandcamp page.

Mountain Lion Bandcamp


Homefront (Atlanta, GA)

Homefront formed in 2010 and consists of five members, Kelly Taylor (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Kyle Seitz (vocals, guitar), Ryan Steinwedel (lead guitar), Noel Goff (drums), and Allan Ray (bass). Their sound can be described as folk rock with influences of blues, soul, and electronic tones. The combination of Taylor and Seitz voices is infectious and their latest tracks can be heard on the Homefront website along with more information about the band and their blog.

Homefront Music



If you are going to be in Atlanta on February 29th, be sure to stop by the Five Spot in Little 5 Points for a great show. The doors open at 8PM and the Mobile Studio will be present in full force. This event is available to all those 18 and up and is FREE all night. For updates on the event, be sure to join us on the Facebook event. See you then.