March 28, 2012

MobileStudio Adventures

Hey gang!

So we just got back in from Miami after a long and eventful week at Miami’s WMC/Ultra and the week before at Austin’s South by SouthWest Music Conference. We had a great time and are home with loads of content that we are logging or converting from notes to articles.

If you’ve been keeping up at all, you have seen our ongoing coverage of “The Road to SXSW” with Ambassadors. The mix for “Habits” is coming along. I am currently sending a rough to the guys so we can pick up a tambourine track we all managed to forget on our last day tracking together, but that mix will be final and proudly shown for all in the next week. In addition, we have our live coverage of the boys from some of their shows with Lights we caught, as well as their appearances at SXSW.

We’ve also got coverage of our SXSW sessions we did in conjunction with Sennheiser, drawing from artists at the Paste party. We’ve already published the write up on the session with Kelly McGrath and we still have our details coming for the sessions with Karmina and The Material. We really had a great time with all the artists. When all is said and done we’ll have videos from the sessions, the recordings themselves, and other goodies to show just how much fun we got to have with the bands we were so fortunate to host at this year’s event.

Also, while we were out in Austin, we had Scott Magno (DJ Madflip) bop through and go talk to the scientists and wizards at Akai’s Exploded Drawing event. Keep your eyes out for the video coverage of the event as well. We also had our first big encounter with the Numark 4Trak at SXSW when Felix from Numark/Akai dropped by and threw down with it for a bit. We have video of that coming up too. If you just can’t wait to know more about it, check out Taylor’s blog from where he met up with Drew from Numark/Akai to catch his impressions of the device in Miami during WMC.

Speaking of WMC/Ultra; we also had a pretty wild week there too. In addition to getting to schmooze with industry types and superstar DJs; we had our friend Liquid Todd from Sirius Radio on the bus to talk with Jason Bentley from LA’s KCRW. Jason’s credits range from his time at KROQ, to his Morning Becomes Eclectic duties, to doing small things like coordinating the music for movies and video games for the Matrix movies and the recent Tron outing. To say the least, he’s a guy with some perspective on the industry. We got to record his talk with Liquid Todd and we’ll have that up for you in the not too distant future.

Our own Zack Rocket got to hit the streets of Miami early in the week and managed to beguile his way into the seemingly closed quarters of the events going off around town. While some of it is harder to quantify, there will be some stylish results and I also have a great blog coming from him telling of his adventures around the city. In the meantime, hang tight on that front and know that the work we got done rubbing elbows last week will likely lead to some of the coolest content the MobileStudio has gotten to offer.

Finally, we made our way out to closing day at Ultra and did our best to cover all the stages we could. We have some great reports ranging from an Outsider Perspective on Ultra coming from Taylor, to coverage that Zack, Ariff and myself gathered on multiple stages. Want to know who did an incredibly disappointing set for probably more money than anyone should know about? We got that. Want to know who popped in to prove they not only still have it, but have a trick or two the new kids should be watching? We got that. We’ll have the rundown for you A.S.A.P.

This was the first major trip out for the new MobileStudio crew and we had a great time and learned some lessons. There’s no book on this thing we’re doing, because no one’s really done it before- but we’re getting there. I will precede all the things we are about to make live with one thought though: I really want to thank the manufacturers who support us, the bands, the friends old and new, and the people who we work with that helped make all of this happen. I also am so appreciative of all the great folks who dropped by to see what we were doing; and the feedback we were getting only confirmed that we must be doing something right. As tired as I am, all I can think about are the new adventures that await us, and the things I want to do with the MobileStudio in the future. I can’t help but walk into it in the mornings and think of it like my new home. I feel pretty lucky to get to work in a place that has such a wholly benevolent presence thanks to our sort of co-op approach to marketing affordable recording gear. Time to go write until my eyes bleed and tinker with all my toys. See you on the other side.