July 31, 2012

New DeadMau5: “There Might Be Coffee”

It definitely seems like Deadmau5 (a.k.a. Joel Zimmerman) has officially gotten over dubstep. After his recent collaboration “The Veldt,” I am sure I wasn’t the only one wondering if this was a sign that the Toronto based producer was pushing away from the sound of the day. I have a great love for “Random Album Title” and have always kind of hoped he would get back to something more epic than nasty, just because “Brazil” and “I Remember” oozed epic beauty. Then he released “Professional Griefers” with My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way and things were a bit more “Sofi meet Ghosts n Stuff” so I was less sure.

there might be coffee by fuckmylife

However, with “There Might Be Coffee” I am starting to think that hunch is on the money. The track seems somewhat unfinished and is almost reminiscent of something Michael Cassette, Miami Horror, FM Attack or Anoraak might release. This makes me think that Joel threw some old unreleased demos at the Chemical kid in the scramble to collaborate. I’m personally kind of over the “hey mom, listen how growly this banger is” thing, so I welcome that idea. I am very interested to see the next release. Let’s face it, if there’s anyone out there deploying gear porn, from live in studio webcasts to his performance rig, it’s Deadmau5. “Glorified button pusher” or not, he certainly keeps a healthy amount of synths kicking along even in his live show. We should all be so lucky.

Either way, a producer’s brain is a funny thing. What makes anyone shift direction? It seems like today’s climate and the potential backlash over any sound’s popularity prompt the best and brightest to be ready to leap out the window of the burning building that might be their genre at any given second. Love him or hate him, Deadmau5 seems like a survivor. He talks trash, pisses off all the other DJs, and wears the most recognizable helmet this side of Daft Punk.

Other Famous Helmets in "The Biz"

What about you? Have you been cranking out Dubstep/ Brostep/ Epic House/ House/ Electro House/ Retro Kitsch? Do you ever worry that your sound will fold like a house of cards before you even get your release out? Do you think full length records are the way to go, or should you attack the world like you are guerilla raiding Beatport? Can single releases take over the world faster through iTunes and Spotify? Does anyone even care about listening to a full length anyway?