June 29, 2012

Variax, Maschine, Ableton, Vegas

So, while we were in Las Vegas for Memorial Day Weekend, we took the time to set up with the new James Tyler Variax guitars and the DT series amplifiers and have a bit of fun. In keeping with the spirit of the dance music weekend, I wanted to do something with guitars that was more applicable to dance music. The decision? To show you how to use loop slicing features such as the ones found in Native Instruments’ Maschine to add guitars into your tracks with a little bit of electronic flair. This video ended up happening over a couple of days because while we were shooting it, we were visited by Steve Aoki and Lil’ Jon. So you’ll notice some continuity issues in the wardrobe department.

One thing that we cut out since we have been editing the footage from Vegas, is a simple little breakout tutorial where I show you how to use clips in Ableton to trigger scenes in Maschine. Once we returned, I decided this was far better suited to its very own tutorial, and that is the first installment of  Tips and Tricks with Lonely Paul. So, if you still don’t know that little nugget, it will help you not only to re-construct what we’ve done here, but also for any other projects you might have spanning between Ableton and Maschine. So take a look at that.

Meanwhile, In the piece we have here today, you’ll see us track a guitar part in the back of the bus, load it into Maschine, chop it up and develop a series of patterns from it. We hope you enjoy it. Let us know if you have any questions.