About the Mobile Studio


The UniqueSquared Mobile Studio is a 40 ft private coach with a fully functional recording studio built inside, complete with a control room, tracking room, and isolated vocal booth. The purpose of the Mobile Studio is to promote and encourage the producing, remixing, and recording of quality music by demonstrating the professional use of affordable gear, and establishing a unique space for creativity.

The Mobile Studio features the latest in pro audio recording equipment from Sennheiser, Numark, AVID, JBL, Alesis, Akai, Line6, Monster, M-Audio, and PreSonus. The entire control room, tracking room, and vocal booth is isolated using Auralex Acoustic foam and all of the equipment is protected by Gator Cases.

The exterior of the bus features eight 50 inch LED monitors that can be mounted to the passenger side. The screens display various forms of media including images and video, and have the capability to stream a live feed from the interior of the recording studio. In addition to the eight flat screens, the UniqueSquared Mobile Studio travels with a mobile DJ set up complete with a portable PA system.

External Dimensions / Specifications:
Length: 40 ft
Width: 8.5 ft. (17.5 w/ awnings extended)
Height: 13 ft.
Turn Radius: 45 ft.
Wheelbase: 286 in.
Internal Dimensions / Specifications:
Front Door Width: 23 inches
Aisle Width: 14 inches
Luggage: 340 cubic feet
Mechanical Specifications:
Engine: DDA 8V-92TA
Transmission: Allison 740
Suspension: Torsilastic
Fuel Tank: 130 Gallons
Fuel: Diesel
Capacity: (seat / standing)
Lounge: 10 / 13
Control Room: 2 / 6
Tracking Room: 3 / 8
Vocal Booth: 1 / 2