June 4, 2013

Cerwin-Vega P-Series Overview

The P-Series is the latest design in the Cerwin-Vega line of powered loudspeakers. The P-1500X is a 2 way, full range speaker with 1500 watts of power and the P-1800SX is an 18 inch sub woofer with 2000 watts dynamic, and 650 watts of continuous power. The biggest appeal to the Cerwin Vega P-Series is that they pack a lot of power and sound without costing a lot when compared to other speakers with the same or similar specifications. Here are some of the highlights of the P-Series line to show you why you should keep the Cerwin Vega P-Series on your radar when choosing your next powered speaker setup.


Cerwin-Vega P-1500X

The P-1500X has a hemi-conical horn and a 15 inch bass reflex active speaker. The hemi-conical horn is built to give you a very wide dispersion so no matter where you are in the room, you have a high range of fidelity. You can get high volumes out of the P-1500X without distortion  because of the built in Class-D Bi-amplifier which can put out 134dB SPL maximum output. With clean power and a wide frequency range, the P-1500X has the ability to accommodate a number of venues and styles. You also have fly points on the side and on the top of the speaker for permanent install within a club or venue.

The back boasts DSP controls and a versatile I/O.

The back boasts DSP controls and a versatile I/O.

Not only do you have plenty of options for getting connected, but the DSP controls allow for total control over the sound output on the P-1500X. You have a three channel mixer with mic/line gain and volume controls in addition to the series of DSP controls on the border of the back panel. Enhanced adjusts the contour of the overall frequency response and attenuates the mid-range frequencies which helps increase focus on the low and high frequencies while potentially reducing feedback. This is best suited for those that do not have a mixer or separate rack EQ to control the mix coming from the speakers. The Vega Bass Boost is pretty self-explanatory but is really meant to be used when you do not have the P-1500X paired with a sub woofer. Similarly the High Pass Filter is meant to attenuate frequencies below 80 Hz when paired with a sub woofer like the P-1800SX. If you do not have a sub woofer, the high pass filter should be turned off. Finally the Front Light Limiter is used as a visual cue for sound engineers when controlling peak levels.


Cerwin-Vega 1800SX


The P-1800SX is an 18 inch subwoofer putting out 2000 watts of power with a very defined low end. The speaker is mounted into a real wood cabinet that has 18mm of reinforced multi-ply hardwood with internal bracing. This helps to provide a ground-swelling bass sound as well as providing durability for the rigors of transporting in and out of the gig. Built inside is a custom an 18 inch bass reflex loaded driver with a ceramic magnet. That’s basically a lot of jargon meaning that this sub woofer is built to not only have a great low end response, but also a nice punchy bass sound making it great for DJs or live musicians.

The back also has a nice set of DSP controls.

The back also has a nice set of DSP controls.


The polarity reverse switch is meant to be utilized when the sub woofer is in a place that conflicts with the speakers. There may be phasing between the main speakers and your sub woofer but with the polarity reverse switch engaged, the phase is eliminated in an attempt to match your full range speakers. the Vega Bass Boost Switch is similar to the one the P-1500X but the boost more accurately adjusts the dynamics of that bass depending on the main volume level on the sub woofer. The high pass thru filter will attenuate frequencies below 80Hz on the THRU 1 & 2 outputs. This is recommended when using the sub woofer in combination with other speakers such as the P1500X. Lastly the front limiter light serves the same function as a visual indicator for sound engineers to monitor when levels are peaking.

The other great addition to the P-1800SX is that it comes with casters for you to wheel this beast in and out of venues and events with ease. They are easy to install and remove depending on any situation you encounter.

For even more in depth information on the Cerwin-Vega P-1500X and the Cerwin-Vega P-1800SX or to purchase these powered PA speakers for yourself, be sure to head on over to



What up UniqueSquared. This is Carlito, product specialist at Cerwin-Vega. A member of the Gibson Pro Audio family of brands. Today I am introducing to you guys the Cerwin-Vega P-Series. The P-1500 full range speaker and the P-1800 subwoofer. Now Cerwin-Vega is legendary for it’s bass. That big bottom, low-end, natural bass. And from whatever era you know us from you always know us as the loud speaker company. When we talk about the sound of the Cerwin-Vega P-Series, you’re gonna hear amazing clarity, vocal presence, and full-bodied bass of the Cerwin-Vega P-Series. When we talk about specs., we’re going to get into the power and punch. Power being how loud you can go without distorting, and punch being that nice, natural, low-end punch. The top, P-1500 is a max spl at 134 dB at 1500 watts and the bottom punch, the P-1800, is max SPL 136 dB at 2000 watts. So that’s the combo there. Now let’s get into the details of the P-1500.
You’ll notice immediately the 15 inch driver and the high compression driver is mounted into a hemi-conical horn. That’s for the disbursement. It’s 90 degree disbursement so wherever you’re at in the room you’re going to get the same great audio experience. Now remember that I was telling you it’s a versatile system for live installations? You have fly points on the top and on the side and when you are looking at the back of the speaker, now you get into the amplifier. The back amplifier is a 1500 watt powered class D amp. You have a real three channel mixer in here. Meaning that you can adjust the volume on each one of these channels and you have a master volume gain to go up and down. You’ll notice two microphone inputs and your stereo line in as well.
Now the DSP features on the Cerwin-Vega P-Series are things that you are really going to use at a gig so let’s get into those. The enhanced EQ off is the full balance Cerwin-Vega clarity, vocal presence, sound. Now sometimes you’re going to want to put enhanced EQ on which attenuates the mids and lets the highs and the lows pierce better. That’s for a particular location and or if you’re and DJ and music, and you just want that balanced sound. So for enhanced EQ on, that’s basically the music mode. Vega Boost on. That’s if you need that extra low-end Cerwin-Vega bass. That’s what it’s there for. Just in case you don’t have an external mixer where you can adjust bass, you can just flip that on and you can get a nice punch. With high pass filter, you only leave that on if you have a subwoofer. Otherwise you mainly leave it off. The front limiter light on, that’s for my sound engineers that need to check out, need to make sure that when you’re far away from the speakers and you’re able to make sure that the speakers are not overpowering and or if you are tuning instruments and stuff, that one of the instruments is not, a snare giving you too much craziness. That’s your indicator of how much you can push the amp. And this last part right here is a remote gain. On both the P-1500 and on the P-1800SX, you’ll notice that you have volume gain. This is for the installation guys to be able to control the volume.
Now let’s get into the monster Cerwin-Vega P-1800SX. You’ll immediately notice the 18 inch custom Cerwin-Vega driver in here and real wood cabinet. It gives a natural sound so I don’t even need to get too much into it because as soon as you hear it, that natural, low-end, Cerwin-Vega bass sound just kicks.
Now let’s get into the Cerwin-Vega P-1800SX, the back end, the amplifier. This is what gives you that 2000 watts of power. You got inputs and thru outputs, a link output, and DSP features as well. So for the DSP you got polarity reverse on and off. The right setting for that is when sometimes you can’t have the subwoofer near the full range and it’s not in an optimal location, that’s where you want to flip it back on and off to see where the bass hits best. Then you got Vega Bass on. Just extends that low-end. Sometimes you don’t have a mixer to be able to control low frequencies. You can flip that on and it will give you that nice Cerwin-Vega bass. And last it is the High-Pass Thru and LPF sub. High-Pass Thru is, when it’s engaged, you would really use this feature always when you don’t have an external crossover if you do then you would turn that off but if you don’t have an external crossover turn it on. Out of the thru outputs you get a cut at 80 hertz and when that’s engaged as well, the low pass sub, that basically means anything over 80 hertz, its going to cut those frequencies and let everything pass real low. So it gives you again a real nice round bottom low-end sound. And last is the front limiter light on and off. A visual indicator for my sound engineers that know when that bass is just getting out of control. And last but not least is again is the remote volume gain. That’s for live installations. Both the P-1500 top and the bottom, they both have that volume adjustment.
So for all of my mobile guys the Cerwin-Vega P-Series sub ships with casters, four of them. Even though it is lightweight, sometimes you just need it to move around to get to gigs so having the casters is very useful.
Thank you UniqueSquared for having us and introducing all of your YouTube followers to the Cerwin-Vega P-Series. For more information check us out at and you are watching