June 25, 2012

What type of DJ are you?

Have you ever wondered what a quick snapshot of the modern DJ landscape would look like?  The rise of DJ culture has produced a plethora of different styles that can be seen spinning their mixes all around the world on any given day.  Some DJ’s reach success after only a few months on the one’s and two’s, while some are lifers who can’t imagine a world without the stacks of vinyl spilling over their crates.  Take a minute and check out our rundown of all the different types of DJ’s we’ve come across over the years.

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music infographic
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type of dj

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  1. DjClaro says:

    I’m a club dj with an S4 + turntable… love beatjuggling, playing with cues and most of all EFECTS!!! (TRAKTOR)…. where di come in? lol

    1. LonelyPaul says:

      Admittedly, we might have focused a bit on “bedroom, wannabe, fantasy types,” “megastars,” and outright cliches a bit. No one seemed too keen on the “sensible working DJs” infographic.

      What can I say? The internet is hard.

  2. gonzo says:

    Where’s the “I’ve invested years and a middle class family’s savings account into learning to mixup and I’ve STILL never been paid to do it :( ” option? Yes, that sad face is a part of the option. The defining part actually…