October 1, 2012

Le Castle Vania: Guidance for Beginners

Le Castle Vania

Le Castle Vania @ Identity Festival 2012

Producers and DJ’s: tune in for this final part of Le Castle Vania’s interview. If you are an up and coming artist, you should give this a listen. Wanna-be’s and copycats plague every genre of music and it’s no surprise. Just turn the radio dial to a Clear Channel or Cumulus station and listen to the first five songs that play. Le Castle Vania doesn’t say anything revolutionary in this part of his interview, it’s not the first time anyone has ever said it, but the more advocates that come forward and say it and the more artists will take the message to heart. In case you missed it, you should also check out Le Castle Vania talking about his personal studio gear.


My advice to DJ’s and producers that are trying to come up is to always be aware of what’s going on in the sound but don’t let that over influence you. I’ll put it like this. I think in electronic music you have the most opportunity to be original and unique because you can make any type of sound that you could ever imagine. And you can make sounds that you could never imagine just accidentally f******g with a synth. You can make any type of sound but so often I hear the same chord progressions and the same types of sounds in so many songs. As soon as one cool artist comes out doing something unique and it gets big on beatport, the next ten weeks of beatport is all people ripping off that track. So I think it’s really important if you really want to have longevity and you want to stand out as an artist, you have to come with something original that sets you apart from all the other artists. You just have to do what you feel. If it’s real to you then it’s going to feel real to people. Me personally, I like to take influences from all the music I like, not just electronic music. I’m not trying to go create the next track that sounds like deadmau5 or the next track that sounds like Skrillex. I’m trying to make the track that sounds like Le Castle Vania because that’s me. That’s what I do. The other thing that I think is important for an upcoming producer to understand is forget that world in your mind where everyone likes your music because it’s not going to happen. You have to be ok with people just not liking your shit. Like, so what? F***k them. For every person that doesn’t like it, someone else is going to like it. I have a track called Nobody Gets Out Alive which is one of my most successful tracks and when I first made it I played for a couple of my DJ homies and they were like, “Dude, I don’t know if I could even play that. That shit is crazy.” Because it is a straight up banger, you know the crash is just really rock influenced but I was like, “f***k it I don’t care. I’ll play that shit.”