September 18, 2012

Le Castle Vania: How I Got Started

Le Castle Vania stopped by the UniqueSquared Mobile Studio during Identity Festival.

In case you missed it, Le Castle Vania toured with Identity Festival as one of the bigger names in their lineup. The Mobile Studio crew had the pleasure of meeting Dylan Eiland (the artist’s real name) and watching Le Castle Vania’s live set. But the coolest part of the tour was when we asked if he would want to come check out the Mobile Studio, and he said yes. We even got to interview Dylan. Luckily we had our camera batteries fully charged because he had so many good things to say. This is the first part of the Le Castle Vania interview. In this part of the interview Dylan shares with us how he got his start as a producer and DJ. Be on the lookout for the next part where he talks about his personal studio gear.


When I first started my main interest was production. In my mind it’s more artisitic that you were creating something, sculpting this track. But then as you know I got more and more into DJing, I really started to see the art of that side of it as well. And yeah, Black Eyes was the first remix I ever did under the name Le Castle Vania and it was basically a song that my friend’s band wrote. They were putting out an album and they were looking for some remixes and they knew that I dabbled in some remix type stuff and I’d been DJing for a while so they just sent it to me like, “Oh give it a shot, you know.” I think they weren’t thinking too much was going to happen with it but they were like oh why not, he’s our friend.

I knew a few DJs in different cities and it was right when the whole music blog thing started  happening so I sent it to a couple DJ’s and sent it to a few of the popular blogs and all the blogs just kind of grabbed on to it. And from there it pretty much just spread all over the internet. That’s pretty much how everything started for me, you know. I was just making tracks in my bedroom. Popped off and started spreading everywhere and I was like alright, I guess I’d better make some more songs (laughs). To me I kind of look at DJing as a reward for the time spent in the studio. You know, working away on the tracks, the reward is when you get to actually bring it out and present it to the audience. Everybody hears it for the first time and you just see people going ham you know.

Pretty much finished writing all the music for the record. Just working out some of the vocals. We’re getting some different features and stuff like that. I’ve been working with all these different musicians that I love and composers and we brought in a full string section and recorded a sixteen piece string section…. a whole bunch of stuff. So that stuff I’m being super super precious about and dialing it in and making it this journey to be my first album. I really want it to be a statement about me as an artist. I’m still working on my singing voice though, you’ll have to wait for that (laughs).