September 24, 2012

Le Castle Vania: Personal Studio Gear

Le Castle Vania on stage at Identity Festival 2012 in MA

It’s no big secret: EDM producers work almost exclusively on their laptops. Anybody could get a laptop, the right software, and produce tracks just like Le Castle Vania or deadmau5, right? Well, almost. We toured the 2012 ID Festival with Le Castle Vania and had the pleasure of bringing him onto our bus. Le Castle Vania talked about some of the outboard gear he uses in this part of the exclusive interview on the UniqueSquared Mobile Studio. He’s come a long way from remixing tracks in his bedroom to headlining festivals and he shared that journey with us. You can check that out here if you missed it. Also, be on the lookout for the final part of Le Castle Vania’s interview in which he gives some guidance for any up and coming artists.


One thing that I would definitely like to have in my studio is a Culture Vulture. I was just over at my buddy Deadmau5’s studio in Toronto and he has one. I was so jealous of it. He has this full analog synth and I made him run me through it so I could hear it. I rent the B room at Crystal Method’s studio. I’m lucky because they’ll let me use anything they have. I mean they have every vintage synthesizer you could name. They’ve got arps. They’ve got Roland’s, Junos… they’ve got a Jupiter 6, a Jupiter 8, old Moogs, I mean they have the whole arsenal.  

My main setup right now in my space in Hollywood is just the Apogee Duet, obviously the MacBook Pro running Logic with a bunch of plug-ins… I have an Avalon preamp and my Adam monitors. I’ve got the A8s which I love and I have a sub in there. And then I have a Novation MIDI keyboard. I do most of my drums in Battery. I’ve just collected samples for years and years. I’ve got thousands of snares and thousands of kicks. I think most of my sound comes not from the synths but from the post processing. I run everything through my chains, and I have certain chains of plugins for effects and stuff that in my mind create the Le Castle Vania sound.