October 15, 2013

Apogee JAM Overview

Don Spacht from Apogee Electronics stopped by to show off Apogee’s line of portable recording devices and interfaces. The first in a series of Apogee videos with Don Spacht is an overview of the Apogee JAM. The Apogee JAM is a portable guitar and instrument interface that works with iOS devices as well as Apple computers. I will go ahead and put to rest any inevitable questions about Linux, Windows, Android, etc. compatibility and say that these devices work exclusively with Apple products and operating systems. While those that do not use Apple products will find this disappointing, those that do will find that the quality with which these devices are built and the quality of sound you can achieve with them is quite impressive considering their low cost and portability.

We reviewed the Apogee JAM when it was first released and since then there has been only one notable addition: the ability to connect the JAM to iOS devices that have the new lightning pin connection. If you purchase the Apogee JAM with the lightning connection, you will also receive a USB connection as well as the 30 pin connection featured on older iOS devices. The features which make the Apogee JAM such a useful interface are its portability and functionality. You can fit it comfortably in your pocket and it does not require any additional power outside of the power on your phone, tablet, or computer. What’s more is you can connect any instrument with a 1/4 inch plug. This can include a bass guitar, keyboard, synthesizer, or whatever else you can run with a single 1/4 inch cable.

The Apogee JAM isn’t going to replace your existing interface, but for guitar players on the go it’s a great way to get your ideas down to share with the rest of the band or bring back to your studio. The quality of recording on the Apogee JAM is very good. This means that the instrument track you recorded doesn’t have to just be a scratch track. It can actually be the take you use in your production. This is undeniably useful so you can take your compositions beyond the idea and start to shape it into the fully formed track you are hearing in your head.

If you want to see some cool artist testimonial and demo videos on all of Apogee Electronics products visit their website at To purchase the Apogee JAM at a great price, head on over to



Hi Im Don Spacht from Apogee Electronics and I am here at UniqueSquared to tell you about the Apogee JAM. JAM is a very portable studio quality guitar input for iPad, iPhone, and Mac. It is incredibly easy to use with no driver installation or software setup required. The multi-colored LED clearly displays the JAM’s status and recording level. Blue means the JAM is connected but not ready to record, green means the JAM is connected and working with your recording software, and red indicates that the gain setting is too high. Apogee’s pure digital technology utilizes a custom designed power supply, a 24 bit analog to digital converter, and an instrument preamp with up to 40 decibels of gain. In addition, JAM features Apogee’s soft limit technology which not only helps capture an optimal input level but also simulates some of the natural compression and feeling of playing through a real tube guitar amplifier. The Apogee JAM produces minimal self noise even at high gain settings and doesn’t suffer from added hiss and background noise like other products that connect to the iPhone or iPad headphone jack rather than the digital dock connection. Because it requires no external power source on either Mac or iOS, JAM is an excellent choice for mobile musicians and songwriters. And it’s not just for guitar. The high impedance input can be used with bass, keyboards, or any other instrument or pickup with a 1/4 inch output and it sounds amazing. In the box you’ll receive a short USB cable and the short 30 pin iOS cable. Lightning cables are available separately in either 1 meter or 3 meter lengths. For more videos and sound clips visit And to get one for yourself head to