October 22, 2013

Apogee MiC Overview

In our continuing showcase of portable electronic devices from Apogee Electronics, we are looking at the Mac and iOS compatible condenser microphone dubbed Apogee MiC. MiC has all the professional sound quality you can come to expect from an Apogee product, but with a portable size and competitive price point that make it an ideal option for the guy or gal with on the go audio needs. We reviewed the Apogee MiC last year when it first arrived and not much has changed from what we saw then. As with the Apogee JAM, the only major difference on the Apogee MiC is the ability to connect it to new generation iOS devices like the iPhone 5 and the latest iPad tablet.

Although there are not any new features, there is still plenty to be excited about with this microphone. It can fit in your pocket but it also has a rugged build quality to withstand some abuse. The big stand out feature here are the analog to digital converters on the MiC and also all of the Apogee iOS devices. They sound great and if you want an example of the MiC’s sound quality, just give the video above a listen. The MiC has a multi colored LED light to indicate that you are connected (blue), that you are ready top record (amber), and when you are clipping (red). On the side of the device is a knob for adjusting your gain level. Included with the Apogee MiC is a mini tripod for mounting the microphone and placing it in a position that fits your recording needs.

You have the option of acquiring additional accessories with the Apogee MiC which includes a carrying case, a microphone stand adaptor, a 3 meter USB cable, and a 3 meter 30-pin iOS cable. These accessories are great additions to the MiC including the microphone stand adaptor so you are not always tied to the rather limited range of the included mini tripod.

For more in-depth information on the Apogee MiC you can head on over to Apogee’s website at To pick up an Apogee MiC for yourself, head on over to



Hi Im Don Spacht from Apogee Electronics. I’m here at UniqueSquared today to show you the Apogee MiC. Mic is an exceptionally portable, studio quality, condenser microphone for iPad, iPhone, and Mac. It is incredibly easy to use with no driver installation or setup required. The multi-colored LED clearly displays the MiC’s status and recording level. Blue means the MiC is connected but not ready to record, green means the MiC is connected and working with your recording software, and red indicates that the gain setting is too high. Apogee devices are renown for their sound quality and the MiC doesn’t disappoint. Apogee’s pure digital technology utilizes a custom designed power supply, a 24 bit analog to digital converter, and a microphone preamp with up to 40 decibels of gain. The Apogee MiC produces minimal self noise even at high gain settings and has a full clear sound that competes with the best full size condenser microphones. I’m actually using the MiC right now to record my voice into Apple’s GarageBand. Because the MiC requires no external power source on either Mac or iOS, it is an excellent choice for mobile musician’s, podcast, voice overs, and audio for video. Its solid, all metal, construction ensures that it is built to last and like all Apogee products it is proudly made in the U.S.A. In the box you’ll receive a short USB cable, a short 30 pin iOS cable, and a portable tripod. The Apogee MiC accessories kit includes a 3 meter version of each cable, stand adapter for placing the MiC on any standard microphone stand, as well as a convenient hard shell case. For more videos and sound demos visit and to get one for yourself, visit