October 24, 2013

Apogee One Overview

As much as I would not like to be the old man on the porch talking about things in my day, I can’t help but express a deep emphasis on the fact that you kids today have things so much better than when I was trying to record my music. Nowhere is this more evident than with the Apogee One; a 2 in and 2 out audio interface that works exclusively with Apple computers and iOS devices. To get you recording right out of the box, Apogee provide you with a breakout cable that includes an XLR input and a 1/4 inch instrument input. There is also a high quality microphone built right into the interface so you can get ideas down anywhere and at anytime. You can also trust that the microphone will give you a quality recording if you want to use it for your final production.

You may be asking yourself, “Self, didn’t you guys already review the Apogee One a year ago?” The answer is yes we did review the Apogee One when it first arrived, but this version of the Apogee One is quite different than the One (pun intended) we reviewed last year. The original version of the One was built with a plastic casing. This new version of the Apogee One is built with a die cast aluminum with a rubber base. It’s also a little larger than the last version and thats because they have improved the microphone as well as the USB transfer (2.0 now). More importantly, they have added a compartment in the back so you can install two AA batteries. This is a great addition to make the Apogee One a truly portable digital audio interface. In addition you now have the ability to connect to newer iOS devices with the new Lightning cable.

Check out the video above to hear what Don Spacht from Apogee has to say about the Apogee One and ask us any questions you have in the comments below. To pick up and Apogee One for yourself, head on over to



Hi I’m Don Spacht from Apogee Electronics and I’m here at UniqueSquared to tell you about the new Apogee One for iPad and Mac. This is a complete redesign of Apogee’s very popular recording interface, the One. If you’re familiar with the original version, you’ll see that this model has grown a bit in height. That’s because there is now a compartment in the back of the device that accepts a pair of AA batteries for completely wireless recording on iPhone or iPad. The device can also be powered with an included external power supply or with USB bus power from a Mac computer. The body of the unit itself has changed from the moulded plastic of the original version, to die cast aluminum with a rubber base. And the overall feel of the interface is much sturdier and more durable. Through the included breakout cable, the One provides one XLR microphone input and and one high impedance 1/4 inch instrument input just like the original version. This new version can record both the microphone and the guitar to two separate channels in your digital audio workstation simultaneously. Unique to the Apogee One is the high quality omni-directional condenser microphone built into the interface itself and the mic on the new One for iPad and Mac is even better. It has a significantly larger diaphragm lending it an even smoother sound and improved bass response. I am currently recording my voice with the One’s internal microphone into Apple’s GarageBand. The USB connection has been upgraded from USB 1.1 to USB 2.0 for lower recording latency, and the analog to digital converters have been upgraded for recording at sample rates up to 96khz with even better sound quality than the original version. Apogee’s direct digital connection to Apple’s iOS devices means you have the full functionality over the One available to you on your iPad or iPhone through the free Apogee Maestro Control app. And the One will even charge your device when connected with the power supply. In the box you’ll receive the One’s breakout cable, a clip to attach the one to a microphone stand, a USB cable, and a 30 pin iOS cable. At the moment Lightning cables are available separately in either 1 meter or 3 meter lengths and a short Lightning cable will actually be included in the box as well. For more videos and sound clips visit and to get one for yourself head to