December 10, 2013

Beats Studio and Beats Tour Headphones Review

Beats Electronics has been a pretty busy company. With the announcement that their new music streaming service will become available in January, many of us are wondering how this service will compete alongside the more established streaming behemoths including Spotify and Pandora. The Beats music streaming service, dubbed Beats Music, is the brainchild of Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre, Trent Reznor, and several others with nearly two years of development behind it.

With that in mind, Beats Electronics are still making very popular headphones, speakers, and accessories for music lovers on the go. For that reason, we decided to test out their two flagship headphone and earphone products to see how they compare to the competition. We tried out the Beats Studio headphones as well as the Beats Tour earphones so that you can decide if these headphones are right for you.

Beats Studio

The Beats Studio headphones are an improvement on the previously released Beats headphones when Beats Electronics was a subsidiary of Monster Cable Products. The initial Monster run of Beats headphones was met with a lot of praise and criticism. Audiophiles had a lot to say about a lack of general even fidelity across the whole range of low, mid, and high frequency range. Many complained that the bass response was too prominent, pushing mid and high range frequencies to the back of the mix. Those looking for a good set of headphones for enjoying music, television, and movies praised the Beats Pro headphones as a great set of cans for comfort and enjoying their favorite media.

Beats Electronics has listened to all of the comments and reviews out there, and they were looking to introduce their next generation of headphones with all of these factors in mind. Before we go into the very cool 21st century features on the Beats Studio headphones, most of you probably want to know how they sound. The sound quality is good but like their predecessors the lows are embellished on these headphones. But only very slightly when compared to the overwhelming bass embellishment on the Beats Pro. If you like a good bass response in your headphones that’s not overwhelming, then you will love the Beats Studio.

The Beats Studio are a great media headphone but probably not the best for professional audio work.

The Beats Studio are a great media headphone but probably not the best for professional audio work.

The features included on the Beats Studio headphones are very cool, but these are not the headphones that you should buy when mixing a record or doing any kind of professional audio production. These are media headphones with a focus on user experience rather than a pair of headphones that you want for your home studio. With that said, the feature sets included on these headphones are outstanding and they have every feature you could want in a modern headphone design like noise canceling, an internal 20 hour battery, bluetooth capabilities and a cellphone remote talk feature. For me, the big thing is comfort and the Beats Studio are definitely comfortable. You want to be able to wear these on your head for a long time without your head and ears getting fatigued. The Beats Studio are light and comfortable enough to be worn through a cross country plane ride or subway trip, and that’s a huge plus in a consumer headphone.

Beats Tour

Personally, I prefer earphones to headphones. I like being able to stuff earphones in my pocket or bag and get them out really quickly when on the go. There are already tons of earphones on the market so what sets the Beats Tour apart from the rest? For me, the mark of a great set of earphones is comfort, and the ability to stay inside my ear when active. The Beats Tour do not disappoint by providing a comfortable fit inside your ear, as well as the inclusion of wingtip attachments to hook around your ear if you are working out, cleaning your place, or running to the gate to catch a flight. When you attach the wingtip, put them inside your ear, and start pumping your tunes, you kind of forget they are there from time to time. For me, that’s a mark of a quality set of earphones. I like being able to blast my favorite tunes without feeling like I am wearing anything. Some other feature sets worth mentioning include the built in microphone for phone calls. I know this is nothing new in earphone design, but nonetheless it is a great inclusion for keeping your earphones in when taking phone calls.

The Beats Tour are comfortable and great sounding earphones.

The Beats Tour are comfortable and great sounding earphones.

The Beats Tour are a great option when looking for a set of earphones. They are lightweight, the cable is tangle free, and they sound great. If I had to pick between the Beats Studio and the Beats Tour, I would go with the Beats Tour mostly because of my affinity for earphones. But I also like the way they felt in terms of comfort and flexibility, and not to mention they pack quite a bit of volume without distorting the sound.

Be sure to check out the video above for a closer look at the Beats Studio headphones and Beats Tour earphones. If you have any questions about the Beats Studio or the Beats Tour headphones, be sure to drop us a line in the comments section below. To pick up both the Beats Studio and the Beats Tour headphones, as well as a plethora of other audio gear, head on over to



In this video we will look at the features on two sets of headphones from beats electronics: The Beats Studio and the Beats Tour. The Beats Studio headphones improve upon the old Beats headphones design, making them lighter, stronger, more comfortable, and sounding even better than the original. The Beats Acoustic Engine with its signature DSP software work to give you pristine fidelity in an over the ear headphone design. The Dual Mode Adaptive Noise Canceling feature works to block unwanted noise when enjoying music, and also acts a noise canceling system when all you want is silence. Beats Studio does not require alkaline batteries but instead is powered by a 20 hour lifespan rechargeable battery. You can see your batteries life on the ear cup and the auto on/off feature helps keep you from wasting battery life. Included in the box are a carrying case, two different styles of ⅛ inch stereo connection, one with a RemoteTalk feature, and one without, and a USB 2.0 charger. The Beats Tour are a set of earbud style headphones with removable wingtips to provide a perfect fit for your ears. The sound on the Beats Tour has been improved from previous Beats earbuds and you can get a lot of volume without distorting the sound. The cables have a tangle-free design making them great for throwing in a bag or your pocket. Built into the Beats Tour is a microphone for phone calls so you can keep your earbuds in in-between listening to music and answering your phone. Included in the box are 4 pairs of ear tips, 3 pairs of secure fit wingtips, and a soft carry pouch. For more on the Beats Studio and Beats Tour headphones, be sure to visit our blog linked in the description below this video. To pick up a pair of the Beats Studio and the Beats Tour headphones, head on over to You’re watching