October 9, 2013

Behringer CMD LC-1 and Traktor Remix Decks w/ Andrew Luck

Behringer product specialist Andrew Luck has run us through nearly all of the CMD modular MIDI controllers. We have been showing you these controllers with Deckadance and Ableton but have spent less time with Native Instruments Traktor Pro DJ software. If you are a Digital Vinyl System (DVS) DJ, then you should check out our video overview of the CMD DV-1 and Traktor Pro. The beauty of these controllers is their ability to work with any software that communicates with MIDI, opening the door to an immense world of possibilities for live performance applications. So while these controllers can work with Searto DJ and Virtual DJ, Behringer have provided the public with some very useful .TSI mapping files for Traktor Pro users. One of the CMD controller that works great with the Remix Decks in Traktor is the Behringer CMD LC-1.

With the CMD LC-1 and the mapping provided by Behringer, you can have control of 64 different one shot samples. While only 16 will be visible, it’s very easy to navigate through the other 48 samples with the page navigation buttons below your 16, currently visible samples. One really cool feature for me was the ability to reset your filter control which can come in handy when performing and switching over sample control swiftly. Another great control feature is the ability to adjust the volume for each of the four active samples. When you couple this with the Behringer CMD MM-1,  you can have macro volume control over each of 1 of the 4 decks in Traktor, as well as individual one shot sample volume control over 1 of the four samples within that deck. This is the kind of functionality and control that Traktor users will appreciate after looking at Ableton Live from afar.

As with all the Behringer CMD modular MIDI controllers, they have removable brackets on the back so you can tether any combination of controllers together for a Franken-controller of your own mad scientist design. Ideally many folks will want to combine the CMD LC-1 with the CMD MM-1 and the CMD PL-1 for total control over softwares like Traktor, Serato, or Virtual DJ. Ableton Live users may find more use out of the CMD DC-1 instead of the CMD PL-1 but we will leave it up to you to decide which combination of modular controllers works best for you.

We want to hear how folks are getting along with Behringer’s line of CMD MIDI controllers so let us know in the comments below how they are working out for you and what kind’s of combinations you have them in. As always feel free to ask us any questions about the Behringer CMD LC-1, Traktor Pro, or any of the other Behringer CMD controllers. To pick up a Behringer CMD LC-1 at a great price, be sure to visit us at



The LC-1 and DC-1 also have Remix Deck functionality within Traktor. The Remix Decks work really similar to the Ableton clip triggering. They have the standard loop trigger, re-trigger mode. They also have follow action and just like legato mode in Ableton which is called punch mode in Traktor, and you can also trigger one shot samples. Each of the filters has a filter slot so you can control the filter at the top, you can control the volume of each tracks one through four respective. You can control filter on, off and you can also reset the filter. Say you are doing a filter tweak, hit the button and it will reset it to zero. There are a total of sixty-four sample slots or cells with four pages of samples available. If a sample is loaded it will be indicated green and if no sample is loaded it will be indicated amber. You can switch between each page with these, the four buttons below the sixteen samples. Below that is a shift button or a reverse style punch effect. You can also delete samples in their cell and you can also load sample from your Traktor library. You can browse the Traktor library with the pink buttons below these cells. You can go up down or left right. Below the directory browser are mute buttons and you can also stop each track individually with the buttons below that. You can also engage and disengage effects one, two, three, and four or each deck through the bottom four buttons. To pick up one of these CMD controllers for yourself, head on over to This is Andrew Luck, product specialist for Behringer. You’re watching