June 18, 2013

Behringer CMD Micro Review

We have all felt the technology catching up to our 21st century demands across multiple platforms and applications. For DJs, they now have the ability to prepare a set, experiment with new mixes, or hone their craft just about anywhere. Everything from tablet technology to smart phone crate organization has been streamlined to give DJs a sense of freedom when getting in the mix on the go. While all these touch screen applications are great, sometimes you want a piece of hardware to grab and mix with, but still keep a low profile when traveling or when kicking back on the couch. Certainly one of the smallest DJ controllers to hit the market was the Numark DJ 2 Go with its 2 deck control and proprietary Virtual DJ LE skin. The DJ 2 Go had all the form for portability but lacked some key features in terms of functionality.

The Behringer CMD Micro picks up where the Numark DJ 2 Go left off in terms of it’s applicability to the mobile or traveling DJ. In this review we will go over some of the notable features on the CMD Micro and give our impressions on whether or not this portable controller is right for you.


Before we get into the layout, lets first go over how the CMD Micro is constructed. Like the other controllers in the CMD line, most everything on here is plastic with a brushed metal finish on the surface. Despite its plastic casing, these controllers feel really sturdy and could probably meet a hard spill or two with great resistance.

The layout on the CMD Micro is mirrored which should be familiar to most DJ’s. Everything is logically placed and there is enough space, even on this small controller, to avoid fumbling through selections during a mix. The only real I/O on the CMD Micro is the USB connection. It would have been nice to have a headphone jack as part of the I/O instead of being tied to a computer. On the back of the CMD Micro you have a port for connecting batteries. This is meant for powering the CMD Micro in the event you want to connect to a tablet like an iPad.


The CMD Micro comes with Deckadance 2 LE DJ software which is a pretty robust and useful DJ software that more people should take note of. The full version is of course more functional, but even the LE version stacks up well against the competition. If you are reading this and thinking to yourself, “I want to know more about Deckadance 2,” leave a comment or a question below. We would like to read your thoughts or questions so we can create future content going over the features on Deckadance 2 that you want to know about.

You can connect the CMD Micro to an iPad making it a truly portable solution for the DJ on the go.

You can connect the CMD Micro to an iPad making it a truly portable solution for the DJ on the go.

You are fairly limited in terms of using the CMD Micro as a performance controller. It’s really more for beginners, bedroom DJ’s or pros on the go. For instance you can only set 2 cue points, there is no FX control, and you are going to have a rough go at trying to scratch on these tiny platters. Even with these limitations, you do have some features that allow it to function rather well for someone that has the skill to control their mixes. Things like the inclusion of pitch control and a separate cue volume control point towards the possibility that a competent DJ can certainly use the CMD Micro to do some basic mixing.

The Final Word

If you’re looking for a birthday or holiday gift for your son or daughter or perhaps that DJ in your life that cannot be without a controller, the Behringer CMD Micro is the perfect choice. Now I can already hear most of the moaning out there about how this is a toy and real DJs would never use this. Fair enough and you don’t have to. When you factor in the price and the total functionality of the Behringer CMD Micro, it should be readily apparent who this is for and who will get the most use out of it. Although I would argue that any “pro” can hop on the CMD Micro and make something happen, but it certainly has a bigger place amongst the beginners and travelers.

This is just what we think about the Behringer CMD Micro. We want to know what you guys think about it so please, leave a comment in the section below this post and check out the video on top to get up close and personal with the Behringer CMD Micro

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The Behringer CMD Micro is a 2 deck, portable DJ controller that comes packaged with Deckadance 2 LE DJ software.
Much like the CMD Studio 4a, the CMD Micro has the same construction with a plastic body, and a brushed metal finish on the top. All of the buttons, faders, and knobs are plastic. The Jog wheels are plastic with a brushed metal surface on the top.
Each deck has the ability to set up two cue points. The CUE button acts as a cue up function and Cue buttons 1 and 2 will allow you to setup manual cue points within a track. In the mixer section you have controls for your line levels of both deck A and B as well as a crossfader. You also have controls for browsing your libraries. And at the top are your main level and headphone cue level controls.
There is only one connection for the CMD Micro and thats the USB for connecting to your computer or iPad. On the bottom you have an option for loading batteries to power the CMD Micro. This is for devices that may not have enough power to power the CMD Micro such as an iPad.
For more information the Behringer CMD Micro visit the UniqueSquared blog linked in the description below the video. To purchase the CMD Micro, visit the UniqueSquared website. You’re watching