November 29, 2013

Bose L1 System and PowerKompany

Portable PA systems have evolved tremendously over the years. With speaker system technology advancing so rapidly, we are able to have more powerful systems with much smaller designs. This is a welcomed improvement for artists like Marie Davon and her band PowerKompany. Hailing from Athens, GA and with an affinity for orchestral atmosphere, PowerKompany describe their sound as being cinematic with a pop sensibility.

While PowerKompany currently play theaters and clubs, Marie often times will play smaller and more intimate venues that might not always have a PA. For this reason, she will need to bring her own PA which will usually consist of the typical PA equipment of speakers, an amplifier, and a mixing console. In addition to being mired with cables and a tedious setup process, Marie has to get her PA equipment in and out of various venues by herself. Traditional PA equipment is heavy and awkward to carry, which is why we had her try out the Bose L1 Portable Loudspeaker System. We hooked her up to the Bose L1 Model II with a single B2 Bass Module.

She quickly noted the advantage of the Bose L1 System being light and portable with an incredibly fast and efficient setup procedure. What she later discovered (or heard rather) was the exceptional fidelity that comes from the Bose L1 System. In addition, the T1 Tone Match Engine completely replaced her mixing console and outboard effects processors. She was able to get her baritone ukulele and her audio interface for triggering samples, easily connected to the T1 Tone Match Engine and she was performing within minutes.

This is ultimately the goal of the Bose L1 System and what future loudspeaker developers should take note of. Many DIY musicians need an PA that sounds great, but also makes the setup and takedown process a breeze so they can focus on doing the best performance possible. If you are skeptical of the Bose L1 System, we encourage you to give it a try for yourself if you are in the market for a great sounding, portable PA system.

If you need to read more about the Bose L1 System, be sure to visit our blog post that covers all the features of each system.

If you liked Marie’s performance, check out the PowerKompany website where you can purchase their music or see when they are coming to a city near you.

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I am Marie Davon and I play with PowerKompany. It’s mainly like soundtrack and looking at soundscapes and trying to make a cinematic feel to just basic pop songs. The live setup has changed a lot actually since we first started. We had like a bass guitar and we had an electronic drum set and then we had my looping pedals and I had another little drum machine that I would turn on and it was probably about six or seven different lines going to a sound guy. After a few shows we really decided to trim the fat and I switched everything, all the tracks over to Ableton and I trigger sounds through Ableton and that is actually going through a sound card that’s only one line. So I control the Reason and the Ableton tracks on my end so I am just giving the sound guy one line. We typically play smaller venues. It’s anywhere from fifty to two fifty people kind of capacity. Well I know that in the past I’ve done a lot of DJ gigs and wedding gigs where I will have to lug in a huge PA and it’s little ole me and obviously I can’t handle all that. I need to get some guy over here to help me. So I’d prefer to leave most of the work to myself and not have to owe anybody anything. This setup is really great because it’s compact. It can actually be moved by someone like me, as small as me, and have great sound. I’m impressed. I think that it’s at least comparable to other live situations that I’ve been in and other PA’s. At least. I think because it’s so easy to operate for even someone who doesn’t know how to work a sound board, can easily come in and have a live show right then and there. Well the mixer is really simple. It’s got five channels. So you can essentially be your own sound guy. I can plug in my vocals, my computer line, my ukulele directly in and you can put effects on it, you can EQ directly. You can adjust your levels really easily and it’s really a no-brainer. I already have lots of cables as you can see going from my computer into different lines and everything. So it’s really nice to have no cables going from the speakers and to the subwoofer and just being able to have a simple setup and really actually kind of nice, nicer looking than with a regular PA. I am Marie Davon from PowerKompany and this is the Bose L1 system and you’re watching