November 15, 2012

Denon SC2900 Overview

Those of you who have been looking for an affordable professional CDJ you need look no further than the Denon SC2900. This multi source media player stacks up quite nicely when compared to the popular Pioneer CDJ 2000 but at a fraction of the cost. If you are familiar with the Denon SC3900 with its motorized platter, then you will be very familiar with all of the features on the SC2900. The main difference being that the platter on the SC2900 is not motorized, making it more like a traditional CDJ than a vinyl turntable. The basic layout is identical to the SC3900 and if you want to know more about the SC3900 then visit our overview of the SC3900.

The SC2900 has all the functionality you need to get up and running for your next DJ gig. Here is an overview of some of the features we found to be the most interesting and useful.

Media Player

Switch between CD, USB, or MIDI depending on what media you have

The true standout feature on the SC2900 is the ability to perform from multiple media sources. When you use CD’s, the Heads up Display (HUD) on the SC2900 gives you a visual representation of the high and low points of your track. You can also see where you have selected your cue points as markers will appear indicating where those are within a track. You can also connect a USB flash drive or an external hard drive to the SC2900 to have access to your music that way. The display will feature all of your relevant folders and within those folders you can navigate to your music. The HUD will have the same look and functionality as it would when a CD is being used.

The MIDI mode is what will allow users to control DJ software with the SC2900. The SC2900 ships with Traktor 2 LE so you can get up and running with Traktor right out of the box. Virtual DJ and Serato users will have to search the internet for mappings to the SC2900 but if you are a Traktor user, Denon has provided you with a mapping.

Slip Mode

Slip Mode allows for uninterrupted DJ controller techniques

The Slip Mode on the SC2900 (formerly called dump on the SC3900) is not a new feature when it comes to digital DJ controllers but it is certainly a useful feature. The way Slip Mode works is that you can do things like cue point launching, beat juggling, or punch in and out of loops and have the track playing uninterrupted by your DJ mixing. This can be a very useful feature for the controllerist that like to play around with cue points and loops during their set.

One thing to note about Slip Mode is that it only works with CD and USB selections on the SC2900. You cannot use it with Traktor right out of the box. With the latest version of Traktor (at the time of this publication is version 2.6) you have Flux mode which functions the same way as Slip Mode. You can wait for Denon to come out with a mapping that facilitates this feature, or you can map it yourself which may prove to be the most useful as you can tailor the functionality to your style of DJing.

Using Traktor

You can download the mapping from the included Traktor 2 LE CD

When you load the included Traktor LE 2 software CD into your computer you will have the ability to download the LE version of Traktor 2 but there is also a folder which contains the .TSI file which is the mapping for the SC2900. For those that already own the full version of Traktor, you can download the mapping and then use the LE CD as a coaster, frisbee, or present to a friend who you are trying to get on the Traktor side of DJing. Whatever you decide to do you will be happy with the way the SC2900 integrates with Traktor. Setting hot cues, adjusting tempo, and browsing through your tracks is very intuitive and will help keep your hands off the laptop.

While the SC2900 has tight integration with Traktor, the truly discriminating DJ may notice how the waveforms don’t respond perfectly when the torque adjustment is at its lightest. This is by no means a deal breaker and will not ruin your gig, but its something worth mentioning. One of the nice features that has been mapped to the SC2900 is the ability to launch samples from the sample decks. With MIDI Bank selected, you can use 1 of the 4 hot cue buttons to launch the sample decks within Traktor. A nice feature that will prove useful for DJ’s that utilize the sample decks.

In addition to Traktor you will also receive the Engine software with the SC2900. Denon released the Engine Software earlier this year and upon its release it was seen as a direct competitor to Rekordbox. Both of these softwares are great innovations for digital DJ’s because it allows for the saving and storing of important performance tools like hot cues, loops, crates, and more. It also has iPad integration and the ability to link your prepared music and crates over a WiFi network. Its pretty useful for those that like to do a lot of prep work before performing. Whether or not you will use either of these included softwares, it’s really nice to see that Denon has provided you with nearly every option possible for performing with the SC2900.

While we covered some of the notable features on the SC2900, there may be those of you that still want to know more. If you have any questions about the SC2900, leave them in the comments below.

What do you think of the Denon SC2900? How do you think this stacks up when compared to Pioneer CDJs? What feature do you like the most on the SC2900? Let us know your thoughts.



The Denon DJ 2900 is a digital media player with three different modes to select how you control your media. Now there’s a lot of videos out there describing the functionality of this unit, but I’m going to go over some of the features that I think really stand out.

So the first thing you’ll notice on the SC2900 is this heads up display up here which houses your selections for CD, USB, and MIDI controls. When CD is engaged it acts like a typical CDJ. Hit play, your track starts and you have this nice LED light to go around to show you where you are in the track. You’ve also go vinyl mode for scratching. When vinyl mode is off it acts as a pitch adjust. In addition to CD you also have USB and its just as simple as it would be with a CDJ you just load up your USB stick or external hard drive, select USB up here and you can see all of your folders and tracks displayed very nicely. Load up a track, hit play, and you’re ready to go. So one of the great things about the SC2900 is its ability to link with your DJ software. All you have to do is select MIDI, get the mode engaged, and you can see on the screen how it links and it’s finally completed and now you have full control over Trackor. And one of the really cool things is when you hit MIDI bank you have control of the sample decks down below.

So a couple other interesting things to mention about the SC2900 is this torque adjustment. You have light torque for a big spin and you have heavier torque for a much tighter rotation. Something else that’s interesting is this slip mode. Now when slip mode is engaged and you have your track playing you can stop the track and it will continue to play underneath or you can set up loops and when you exit out of those loops you will still be back in the mix. You also have start and stop time knobs so if you want to stop your track with a nice long exit you have the ability for that and you can also control it while it’s happening. And one last thing to mention are these long throw pitch faders for nice tight adjustment when you’re trying to beat match.

So that is an overview of some of the key features on the Denon DJ SC2900. To find out a lot more about this be sure to check out the blog that accompanies this video. Also check out our Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube channel. And to purchase the SC2900 for yourself be sure to visit our website. You’re watching