October 5, 2012

Drumcell Interview: An Introduction to a Techno DJ

Some of you may be familiar with Moe Espinosa whether that be during his tenure with Native Instruments as a product representative and Traktor clinician, or as a Techno DJ performing around the world. For those of you unfamiliar with Moe he goes by the moniker Drumcell and is the founder of Droid Recordings and co-founder of Droid Behavior. Drumcell with the help of his partners have worked to place Droid Behavior at the center of the West Coast techno scene. If you are a techno fan, you should really check out their website as it is littered with artist biographies, streaming music, as well as a blog and podcast. In the age of Soundcloud, Spotify, Pandora, and other avenues of disposable music, its quite endearing to see the folks at Droid Behavior doing more than hosting live mixes and new tracks, but also actively talking about the music and the culture surrounding it.


Droid Behavior

Drumcell is more than just a techno DJ. He is actively producing his own original music in addition to an extensive fall touring schedule. A graduate from Musicians Institute, Drumcell is a working producer and mix engineer while also having a hand in developing his own software solutions when doing his productions and the productions of others. In the videos and blogs that follow this one, we will have more to give you on what Drumcell uses live as well as the way he utilizes Traktor for his performances.

When we interviewed Drumcell he was performing at an event hosted by Dee Washington and his organization Wiggle Factor. Wiggle Factor’s mantra is to bring sound where their is silence and light where there is darkness and they host events all over Atlanta and across the country throughout the year. Be sure to check their Facebook for details on their next event.



I am Moe. Also know as Drumcell. We are here playing a party tonight here in Atlanta, Georgia.

I just use one word its just techno. Because I just think a lot of people throw that word around and they hear electronic music, they hear anything with a 4/4 beat, they just say it’s techno. And in one way techno is a very broad term, you know its just like saying rock. You have heavy metal, you have death metal, you have punk rock, you have classic rock. There are so many different styles of techno but what I try to do at least with my sets is keep true to the root element of what techno is. I mean just the really raw, dirty, heavy, hypnotic, repetitive, and loopy style that techno can be. That goes back to the early days of early Detroit techno, the influence that Europe had on it, and the instruments. Thats a big part of techno to me. Electronic music, modular synthesizers, old Roland gear and stuff like that.

I was really obsessed in my youth with science fiction films and particularly the idea of the future. Stuff like Blade Runner, things like that. It was always like a really big part of me. I think thats why gradually I just kind of gravitated to electronic music because electronic music to me, hearing it in the 90s I was like, “this is music I should be hearing in 2050 or something.” It was very sci-fi to me, it was really futuristic and the instruments, the synthesizers as old as they could be going back to 70s or the 50s or whatever. They still looked very futuristic to me.

Its just now a fully functional part of my body and I can’t seem to live without it. I tend to just eat, sleep, and shit techno all the time.

Sometimes you hear it very often from people on the streets saying, “you have so much gear and you travel with so much gear, isn’t it kind of pretentious?” Or “people in the crowd don’t really care.” I don’t really care if the crowd knows what I am doing on stage or not and the bottom line for me is that I am having as much fun as possible while im playing. Because I think the crowds usually feed off that energy and how much fun you have. I grew up in the classic days of playing on turntables, two Technics, mixers, I played on turntables for a long time. But once again reflecting back on my entire inspiration of future technology and everything like that, I’ve never been one to just hold on to the past I look to evolve with whats moving forward.

You know I don’t really organize which track comes first or which track comes last. Everything just kind of, ideas come to while I play and thats the part I really like having fun with because you never really know what’s going to happen next. Its always kind of a big surprise.

I’m Drumcell and you’re watching