July 16, 2014

Line 6 AMPLIFi FX100 Review

One great way to round out your AMPLIFi 75 or AMPLIFi 150 purchase is with a stomp box that compliments the system. The AMPLIFi FX100 is the perfect addition for guitar players seeking to switch tones within the AMPLIFi system. Even if you don’t own either an AMPLIFi 75 or AMPLIFi 150, the AMPLIFi FX100 is still a great piece of gear for guitar players looking to create, share, explore, and store all kinds of different guitar tones. The FX100 is a very simple solution for guitar players looking for different tones so if you are looking for something more advanced, I would recommend the Line 6 POD HD500X. For a much more affordable and hassle free solution to your guitar tone swapping needs, lets take a look at why the Line 6 FX100 should be on your radar.


Line 6 Amplifi FX100

The AMPLIFi FX100 is a combination of metal and plastic in all the right places. The switches are made of a sturdy metal and feel very similar to the POD HD500X switches. The switches are evenly spaced so you never feel like you will stomp on an adjacent switch unnecessarily. The whole body has a robust feel which makes it an easy choice when looking for something that can tolerate a lot of stomping abuse. At the top are your knobs for FX and EQ controls as well as a big volume knob which can double as a tuner when pushed down. The knobs are big enough to be grabbed for precise control, but small enough so they don’t overwhelm the real estate on the pedal board. The combination volume and wah pedal is a nice touch for manipulating various sounds depending on what you have selected.

Creating, Selecting, and Manipulating Sounds

Line 6 Amplifi FX100

Right out of the box the AMPLIFi FX100 comes with 100 presets for you to bank through on the pedalboard. If you like the presets but think they need some tweaking, it is very easy to get connected to the AMPLIFi Remote App via Bluetooth where you can have full control over your tones. Once you have tweaked a preset to your liking, you can store it inside of the FX100 within 1 of 100 banks of presets. Because the AMPLIFi FX100 can store your tones, you wont have to sync your iOS device to the FX100 after you have stored your tones. But the great thing about being connected via Bluetooth is that if you want to make any last minute adjustments to your tones at the gig or rehearsal, you wont have to beg your buddy or the club manager for the WiFi password.

Once your tones are stored you can use 1 of four pedal buttons to bank between the different settings for that particular tone. You can also get your hands off the iPad App and onto the pedalboard by using the knobs on the pedal to manipulate the parameters of the tones in your chain. The volume knob can be used to control the volume of your guitar the volume of your guitar and playback when the volume meter reads red. For live sound manipulation you also have a volume pedal which acts to raise and lower the volume but can also act as a wah when engaged.


The FX100 is a great pedal solution for AMPLIFi 150 and AMPLIFi 75 owners and should be the obvious choice when looking for a pedal to compliment these cabinets. Those looking for a pedal with tons of sound options that’s easy to setup and maintain will also find appeal with the FX100. To be fair to the more seasoned guitar players out there, the FX100 might seem a little pedestrian to you. If you are someone that favors analog sound and control over digital, then this might not be the pedalboard for you. If you aren’t afraid of technology and you are in the market for a single, multi-effects pedal for an endless array of tonal capability, then the Line 6 FX100 can’t be beat. This pedal, when paired with the AMPLIFi Remote App, will provide you with hours of tone experimentation and a huge library of sonic possibilities.

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Hi my name is Joe with Line 6 and today we’re here at UniqueSquared and we’re going to talk to you about the AMPLIFi line of products. Also part of the AMPLIFi line is the new FX100 multi-effect pedal. It allows users also to Bluetooth stream audio from their iDevice and take advantage of the Tone Matching capabilities using the AMPLIFi Remote software. But now you can store 100 different effects in this pedal. It features the same front panel controls that the cabs do, as well as a volume pedal that also serves as a wah pedal when you push down on the toe. The FX100 comes preloaded with 100 factory presets featuring some of the most popular tones and also tones in different categories like rock, blues, jazz, metal. So via the App you can take a look at what’s stored in all of the 25 banks of 4 tones. So here’s a couple of examples of some of the tones that come with the FX100. On the front panel control you have the same knobs that you have on the AMPLIFi cabinets: drive, bass, mid, treble, FX, and reverb. You also have the same volume knob that serves dual purpose so if you push down on it you can control the volume of the guitar in reference to the overall mix. When it’s red, it controls the playback with the guitar. You also have a pedal that serves as a volume pedal but when you push down on the toe, you’ll notice that it switches to wah in which case it takes on the characteristics of the wah programmed into the tone via the AMPLIFi Remote. Push down again and it goes back to volume mode. You also have your 4 tone switches: A, B, C, and D. You can hit A and B together to bank up as you can see or C and D together to bank down. In each bank you have the four tones. You also have here the tap tempo button which allows you to control your time based effects. But if you hold it down for two seconds, you can see that it goes into tuning mode. On the back panel of the FX100 you have your guitar input. You have your stereo main output. The left channel is mono. You have your amp out, your headphone out, and USB output for future use. Now there’s various different ways to connect the FX100. If you have an existing guitar cab, you can just simply come out of the amp out for guitar only tones and then you can connect the main outs to your home stereo system so you can hear the streaming music. You can also just use the FX100 with your headphones and stream music and guitar at the same time.¬†For more information on the AMPLIFi line of products, check out You are watching