July 11, 2014

Line 6 AMPLIFi Remote App Overview

Part of what makes the AMPLIFi 150 and AMPLIFi 75 guitar amplifiers so powerful is their integration with iOS devices. Not only does the AMPLIFi Remote App allow for some pretty expansive amplifier, cabinet, pedal, and FX processing, but you can also link up your device via Bluetooth and stream music to the AMPLIFi cabinet. The App has thousands of possibilities for unique processing and it has some other features for those looking to sound like their favorite guitar players. Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the most interesting features within the Line 6 AMPLIFi Remote App.

Tone Control

The plethora of sonic options will always keep tones fresh.

The plethora of sonic options will always keep tones feeling fresh.

The AMPLIFi Remote App boasts 200 different amplifiers and effects. All of these are completely customizable so you are never stuck with a particular tone’s preset sounds. This makes for some pretty unique and intuitive control over various parameters within the tones. The ability to match different amplifiers with different cabinets alone is enough to make a guitar enthusiast interested. You can also include popular and notable effects pedals into your signal chain. At the end of the day, these are all digital models of real world analog sounds so the most discerning of guitarists will more than likely hear the difference. I will admit that this amplifier is probably not for those that value having an actual JCM900 over a free version of something that sounds pretty damn close to it. The fact that it is not the “real thing” shouldn’t take away from the expansive combinations of sounds that this App can offer.

Tone Match

If you don't like the recommended tone, you can pick one of the user generated tones from the list.

If you don’t like the recommended tone, you can pick one of the user generated tones from the list.

Tone Match is something that I found to be especially cool and just downright fun. The idea behind it is simple. Just pick a song from your library, and the AMPLIFi Remote App picks the most appropriate tone for that track. Instead of spending hours trying to get your tone to match that of some of your favorite artists, the AMPLIFi Remote App makes tone recommendations based on the song you have selected. The top tone is going to be closest to the guitar sound matching the track you have synced, but below it are a list of user generated presets that people in the AMPLIFi Remote App community have loaded. This brings us to another really cool feature of the AMPLIFi Remote App.


The metadata is what will allow other users to find, use, and rate your tones.

The metadata is what will allow other users to find, use, and rate your tones.

It would have been a huge let down to only have what Line 6 recommends for guitar tones when using Tone Match because they already have an array of products like that. Line 6 recognized this and made the App kind of like an open source platform (not literally my tech savvy friends). You can manipulate the recommended tone or build a tone from scratch and load it in with the community of users on the AMPLIFi Remote App. Once you are done manipulating your tone, you can save it, then you can insert all the metadata necessary for you and the community to be able to search for your tone. There is a recognizable star rating system so users with the best tones will make it to the top of the Tone Match list.

AMPLIFi Integration

While the AMPLIFi Remote App allows you to pair your iOS device with either the AMPLIFi 150 or the AMPLIFi 75, you can also use the guitar amplifiers without your iOS device. The AMPLIFi guitar amplifiers allow you to store up to four presets from the tones you have selected inside of the AMPLIFi Remote App. This is nice so that you are not always tethered to your iPad, but it is a bit limiting that the tone controls do not work at all unless you are using your iOS device with the AMPLIFi guitar amplifiers. But this limitation should make your decision to pick up an AMPLIFi 150 or AMPLIFi 75 very easy.

Whether or not you find that the Line 6 AMPLIFi line of products to be right for you, there is no denying that Line 6 has been very forward thinking in the products they are releasing. This is a step in the right direction when you consider all the fantastic advantages that new technology can offer to guitar players and the future guitar players of the world.

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Hi my name is Joe with Line 6 and we’re here at UniqueSquared and we are going to talk to you about the AMPLIFi line of products. Let’s start out by showing you how to install the AMPLIFi Remote App. So essentially you just go into the App Store. You type Line 6 in the search and you’ll be able to see all the software and Apps that Line 6 has to offer, and among them is the AMPLIFi Remote App. So you download it for free. The next step in the process to make sure that your iDevice is pair with the amplifier. So the first thing that you do is you go into your settings, into your Bluetooth settings. Then you press down on the Bluetooth pairing button on the top portion of the amplifier and as soon as it starts pulsing rapidly it should appear in your Bluetooth listing. So you select it and once it says connected the two devices are paired and then you’re able to start the app. There we go. Then you just open up AMPLIFi Remote and you’re ready to rock and roll. Now you’ll know you’re paired properly if here you see AMPLIFi 150 and it says connected. At which point you can look at all the tones that are stored in the amplifier. As a discerning guitarist you have the ability to go into edit mode and edit the attributes of the amplifier. So right now we’re actually playing a model of a 1992 Marshall JCM900. But as a user you can go in there and experiment with any of the other British amps that we have as you can see. Or go into type and you have four different other types you can choose from. High gain which features amp models from Soldano, Engl, Diezel, Mesa Boogie, etc. You also can go into the American amps where you have your twins, deluxes, reverbs, and other models that you can see there. You even have the option of going clean. There are some amp models there for acoustic guitar for example. No matter what you choose, you can also go in there and edit the attributes individually depending on the amp model that you choose. So you have drive, bass, mid, treble, etc. You can even edit the cab. Lets say you want to try that JCM900 through a 4×12 with V30s, you can do it with 4×12 T75s, or try a rectifier. All allowing you pretty much any type of editing capability that you want. You could experiment with pedals like the TS9 or the Fuzz Pi. All of these pedals look very familiar because they are all actual real world emulations of boutique pedals. The most popular boutique pedals. You can go in there and edit. Maybe add a mod pedal if you like from any one of the pedals that we model. Essentially putting eight different processes in a tone stack and then you can save the preset and this is where you store all the metadata. That’s what AMPLIFi Remote uses to match up tones with songs. So whatever metadata is in the music that you play from your playlist, it matches it up with the metadata on the tone. So from here you could either save it to the My Tones folder or you can, after you’ve saved it, you can share it with the Tone Cloud so anybody in the world can use the tone that you’ve edited and they can rate that or use it for their own purposes as well. AMPLIFi Remote allows you to store all of your favorite tones in the My Tones folder. So for example here, I have over fifty tones that I have swiped using the AMPLIFi Remote App. So then you can program the tones into one of four slots that are on the hardware and then you can take the amplifier to your gig and use either one of the FBV pedals, the Express or the Shortboard, to switch between tones on the hardware. The way you do that is you go into My Tones folder. You can choose a sound. Let’s say in this case you want an old classic Metallica here. Now what you can do is hit the save to hardware. What you are looking at here are the four tones that are currently stored in the hardware. They’re the four tones that come preset from factory. So you can take that Enter Sandman tone and say you want to put it on preset A. You hit done and what it does is it stores it into the amplifier. So now you can just get rid of the app and have all of your four tones stored here and take them to your gig. Other features that the AMPLIFi Remote gives you is a tuner. You also have level controls. If you are using the iPad on stage for example and you don’t want to have to go back to the hardware, you can control the volume. You can control the overall mix or the guitar in relation to the overall mix. For more information on the Amplifi line of products, check out You are watching