July 17, 2014

Line 6 Relay G30 Wireless Guitar System Review

The Line 6 Relay G30 has recently dropped in price by $100 and is now retailing for $199.99 on our website. Because Line 6 has dropped the price, we thought you guys would appreciate some perspective on this super affordable wireless guitar solution. There are certainly plenty of options for wireless guitar systems out there and they range in price and overall quality. Line 6 has three different models in the Relay line including the Relay G50, the Relay G55, and the Relay G90. The Relay G30 is the most affordable in the line, and even more so with the price drop. Lets see what it has to offer and what users are saying about it.

The Relay G30 has a 100ft range, 6 different frequency channels, and an 8 hour battery life. All of this is pretty impressive for a wireless system under $200. Another really great feature is a cable tone emulator. There are two EQ settings to select, which can match the frequency response of different guitar cables. If you are unsure about how a wireless system might alter your tone, then having the ability to frequency match your cables should help ease some of that uncertainty. This also works for bass guitar which is pretty great considering the low frequency of bass guitars. The wireless pack has a nice sturdy metal clip that can fit comfortably on your guitar strap or clip to your trousers. The overall construction is plastic which seems pretty consistent with the price.

The Relay G30 comes packaged with everything you need including AA batteries and an instrument cable.

The Relay G30 comes packaged with everything you need including AA batteries and an instrument cable.

Included in the box is the transmitter and receiver as well as a power supply for the receiver. Also included is an instrument cable and AA batteries. You have everything you need right out of the box to get your guitar connected wirelessly, although the provided cable might not be the best quality. The range that this wireless system has is not something to take lightly. Perusing a few videos online showed that a lot of folks had great success in maintaing tonal clarity at a 100ft and more. While Line 6 says that the range is 100ft, I am guessing this is a rather conservative estimate to not dismay the range extremists. If you are in the market for the Line 6 Relay G30, you should have no problem walking all over your stage and keeping a strong signal.

Line 6 Relay G30

The transmitter has a 100 ft. range and fits great on a guitar strap.

There have been some complaints from users concerning the transmitter. Specifically there were complaints about a faulty power switch and the battery pack not closing properly. Also some users had problems with the RF signal but this seemed to be caused by user error. In addition to outright dismissal of these complaints, other users were championing the Relay G30 for its durability under rigorous stress and multiple gigs. For most users, they found the Relay G30 to be exceptionally useful for the price. But if you are worried about the investment, Line 6 provides you with a 1 year warranty on the Relay G30 in the event that your transmitter is not performing the way it was intended. It should also be noted that RF signals don’t really play well when your receiver is sitting in or around metal, so make sure your receiver is in the best position for optimal performance.

This is a great wireless systems on the market for even the original price it was being offer at $299.99. Now with the $100 price drop and a retail price of $199.99, this is one of the best values for a quality wireless system. If you want to grab a Line 6 Relay G30 for yourself, head on over to Let us know what you think about the Relay G30 in the comments below.