December 20, 2013

Mackie SRM550 Powered Loudspeaker Review

Mackie’s latest foray into the powered loudspeaker market is with their SRM Series which includes the SRM650, the SRM1850 Sub, and the focus of this review, the SRM550. Mackie says they are “built like a tank,” and I can tell you with certainty that these speakers are definitely built for the road. While they carry all the power to withstand even the most abusive touring artist, they are quite light at 37 lbs., which makes them an easy carry for even the laziest member of your crew. Mackie has got the build quality to compete with other speakers in it’s price range, but how does it sound and what feature sets make it worth your hard earned cash?

First lets talk about the sound quality. On board you have a 12” high-output LF driver and a 1.4” titanium dome compression driver. Titanium compression drivers have become the standard for a lot of loudspeakers but there are still speakers on the market made with aluminum and other types of metal. This limits their sonic potential as most high quality loudspeakers use titanium compression drivers. So while you might be paying a little more for a high quality driver on the high and low frequencies, you are without a doubt getting your money’s worth in terms of fidelity.

We are seeing more and more speakers with additional functionality besides pumping out the volume on low profile PA speakers. Mackie is certainly following suit with a couple of stand out features that make the SRM550 great for many different types of stage arrangements and performers. Speaker Mode selection allows for application specific voicing whether that be for PA, a DJ, for use as a stage monitor, or a voicing specific for a soloist performer. There’s also a switch for feedback elimination so no more embarrassing “hot mic” jokes from fraudulently comedic audience members. One of my favorite features is the Smart Protect DSP which automatically controls your speaker’s output so you don’t risk blowing it out if it gets pushed too hard.

Another great thing about the Mackie SRM550 is that they can provide you with basic mixer functionality in a pinch. Sure you won’t have control over any EQ, but there are two inputs with their own independent gain control which is great for a solo performer with only an instrument and a vocal. It’s all of these features combined that really make the Mackie SRM550 a great go to speaker that is not only versatile, but will keep trucking along well after many years of use.

Lastly the Mackie SRM550 has a lot versatility depending on what type of installation application you have in mind. It can rest on a speaker stand like a traditional PA speaker, but it can also double as a stage monitor. My recommendation here is if you are looking for a stage monitor that is loud and will last you for years to come, this is one of the best out on the market. Mackie has always been forward thinking in this regard which is why they raised their stage monitor angle to 60 degrees instead of the more traditional 30 degrees or even 45 degrees. If you are a venue looking to improve your sound system, you can buy a couple SRM550s and hang them from the fly points as well.

The final verdict here is that the Mackie SRM550 is loud, built solid, and has the construction and feature sets that make it very versatile. Again if you’re looking for a great stage monitor, this is one that can’t be beat. But if you are just looking for a couple powered PA speakers for your band, that coffee shop gig, or for DJing a house party, the SRM550s are a great choice.

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The SRM 550 is a 1600 watt, 12 inch powered loudspeaker from Mackie. Weighing in at 37 pounds, the SRM 550 is light enough to be transported very easily. While the SRM 550 is light, its built like a tank with an all wood, internally braced cabinet construction. It can rest on a speaker stand, rest on the ground with a 60 degree angle for use as a stage monitor, and can be hung from the included fly points. The SRM 550 features a 12 inch high output low frequency driver with a 1.4″ titanium dome compression driver, a patented acoustic correction system, a precision 2-way digital crossover and driver time alignment and phase correction. Additionally the DRM 550 has a Smart Protect DSP feature which protects your speaker if it’s getting pushed too hard. The back of the SRM 550 houses your input and thru connections. There are two combination ¼ inch and XLR inputs as well as an RCA input on channel 2. You have independent gain adjustment for each channel. Above the input section are a set of controls for optimizing audio processing. The speaker mode optimizes the SRM 550 depending on its application whether it’s being used for a PA, DJ, stage monitor, or soloist application. The feedback destroyer makes feedback elimination as easy as a one button selection. For more on the Mackie SRM 550 powered loudspeaker, be sure to visit the UniqueSquared blog linked below this video. To pick up a Mackie SRM 550 for yourself, head on over to the UniqueSquared website or click the link the description below this video. You’re watching