January 26, 2014

NAMM 2014 | Arturia BeatStep

Arturia have been impressing us consistently from the Spark and SparkLE controllers to their foray into the analog synthesizer market with the MiniBrute and MicroBrute. Their products are incredibly inexpensive which makes them a great go to brand for a great mix of quality, reliability, and affordability. Their latest addition to the line is a sequencer controller dubbed the Arturia BeatStep.

With sixteen pads and sixteen knobs, all of which are completely assignable to nearly any DAW, you can have total control over your software and DAW controls. It includes MIDI, USB, and CV connectivity making it a very versatile controller. With a street price of $99 and a March release date, you can expect many folks to be talking more about this throughout the year. Check out the video above where Rebecca from Arturia walks us through the features on the BeatStep and let us know what you think about it in the comments section below.



Hello my name’s Rebecca and I’m with Arturia and I’m here today to show you our new BeatStep. Which is an awesome little controller that can be connected to an iPad through a camera connection kit which is how I have it set up right now or you can hook it up to your computer and use it to trigger tracks in Ableton Live or whatever DAW you would like to use. I personally like to use it as a sequencer. It has 16 pads and when you press it on to the sequencer mode I can select different pads. And these are all velocity triggered when it’s not on sequencer mode. When I’m just triggering pads it’s all velocity. I press play. I think this is pretty slow so if I press shift over here I can change so it’s now playing 16th notes. I can also reverse the pattern by pressing this. The other cool thing is I can restore and recall the things that I do. Since I have 16 pads I can store 16 things. I press store and store it on five. But if I want to record and old one. And when you hook it up through a DAW, all of the knobs are completely assignable or apparently on the iPad right now it’s programmed so that I can do this. I didn’t know I was doing that. And I can also stop this sequence for a split second if I do something like that. Or change the rate. And this is going to be released in about March and will cost $99 which is pretty amazing considering it is a very sturdy piece of equipment and very very portable. And can be connected through several different things via CV gate or through this MIDI out, USB out. I’m Rebecca with Arturia this is our BeatStep and you’re watching