January 25, 2014

NAMM 2014 | Elektron Analog Rytm

Elektron’s PR campaign is something to admire. They were fantastic at teasing the Analog Keys but their latest analog music machine has been teased since the launch of Analog Keys in Berlin. After being hidden behind a hazy lock box for months we finally caught a glimpse of their brand new machine the Analog Rytm. This drum machine centric device has all of the control functionality that you have come to be familiar with on other Elektron machines like the Analog 4 and Octatrack but with an emphasis on fully analog groove production. All of the I/O is similar to other machines in the line with USB, MIDI, and stereo outputs for all of your tracks.

The FX control is superb with reverb and delay control but also the inclusion of  distortion control which gives you control for very angry sounds. With master distortion and master compression control and the end of the signal chain, you can make the compressor duck in some really great sounding ways. Solidly built and with intuitive control, the Elektron Analog Rytm will definitely be on the short list for every analog synthesizer enthusiasts NAMM must have list. Check out the video above and hit us up with any questions or comments on this or other gear from NAMM 2014.



Hi I’m Cenk from Elektron Music Machines at NAMM 2014. We have a new box to show. It’s an analog drum machine called Analog Rytm. It’s an 8 voice analog drum machine. It has 12 tracks and each of the tracks has got a pad they’re all color lit. Velocity and pressure sensitive. You have individual outputs for all of your tracks. This is a really cool feature. You have USB sockets for data transfer for your samples and MIDI sync. The usual MIDI out, thru, in. MIDI can send din synch 24/48. You have the Elektron sequencer with the same type of control if you are used to the other machines. Just like you are straight in there and you know exactly what you are doing. We can talk about what each track offers. Each track offers you an analog drum synthesis. This is the Analog FM bass drum. So that sounds pretty dirty. On top of that you have a sample playback machine for each of the tracks so you have the kick and I can layer up a sample. So take this sound for example and then pitch it down. There you go you’ve got some kind of interesting, just more than a kick type of sound. The sample playback offers you bit reduction so it does all of that cray stuff. Each of the tracks offers you an analog multi mode filter. You can change the character of the filter. High pass low pass all that what you would expect. And each of the tracks offers you an analog overdrive which is really cool and what’s even cooler is the overdrive is the filter so I can make it really angry and then filter it out. That’s pretty crazy and the you also have a LFO for each of the tracks. So that kind of covers what each of the tracks offers you. For the master FX you have reverb and delay which are digital and you have sends for each of the tracks for reverb and delay. You also have master distortion and a master compression at the end of the signal chain. This is a really cool feature that when you crank up the distortion which goes into the compressor and you make the compressor duck and it’s great and you have to check it out when you can.