January 25, 2014

NAMM 2014 | Moog Theremini

The theremin is a staple in the Moog catalog. It was the first instrument Bob Moog began selling back in the early days of the company’s foundation. He would send mail order kits to customers so they could construct their very own theremin. Fast forward to today and we have one of the first updates to this eclectic instrument with the Theremini. Incorporating the same technology from the Animoog iPad app. the Moog Theremini allows for even more control and with a better level of audio fidelity in an affordable instrument package.

The design looks like something from a 1950s science fiction movie which is aesthetically awesome. In addition you have delay and pitch bias control for sound manipulation and creation. With CV and USB I/O, the possibilities to incorporate this into your existing synthesizer rig have been expanded. It comes loaded with its own presets but you can of course manipulate the controls to fit your sound design needs. Check out the video above for a brief overview and let us know what you think about the Theremini in the comments below.



Hi I’m Dave Mulnar. I am a senior engineer with Moog Music and the project lead for the Theremini. The idea behind the Theremini is its the Theremin that anyone can play. Because a lot of times you go to play a Theremin and it just starts sounding like a dying cat. The problem is because you are just waving your hands in the air so it’s a little hard. But now you turn up this pitch bias control and all of the sudden you are playing notes. You can select the scale and the root that you want to play. We also built in a delay. So you can have all kinds of effects. But then we decided to take it one step even further and we incorporated the same technology we used in our Animoog iPad application so you can get all kinds of different sounds out of it. But we also have a control voltage output in the back so that you can control your guitar pedals, your modular synthesizer setup, anything you can control with a control voltage you can control from the Theremini. We have a built in speaker in here and headphone out and USB in the back as well. I’m David Mulnar, this is the Moog Theremin and you’re watching