January 27, 2014

NAMM 2014 | Pittsburgh Modular System 10

Modular synthesizers are typically out of reach for most consumer level buyers considering their large size and even larger price. This is usually because these devices are hand made and with the best components money can buy. In the case of a company like Pittsburgh Modular, they used the same core low pass gate filter from the original Korg MS-20 in their brand new System 10 semi-modular synthesizer, but somehow managed to keep the price point appealing to a wide range of budgets.

Pittsburgh Modular says that the System 10 is a very modern and aggressive sounding synthesizer which is exactly what it delivers. But the real standout feature is its unbelievably low price for what you are getting. It is fully patchable, has a complex waveforms oscillator, and a high quality, linear response, voltage controlled amplifier transcript. This is a very practical and fun device for the synthesizer enthusiast and is 100% analog and 100% Eurorack compatible.

Check out the video above to see it up close and personal and let us know what you think about the Pittsburgh Modular System 10 in the comments below.


Hi I’m Richard with Pittsburgh Modular. Today we are showing our System 10. The System 10 is a fantastic, really modern, aggressive sounding modular synthesizer. We start with a great complex oscillator. We have a new blade wave that is a modulate-able saw wave. Really some interesting stuff. So you can get some really interesting sounds out of that guy. This ships with a low pass gate filter in it so very aggressive sounding filter. It’s the same filter core that was in the MS-20 years and years back. What we’ve done is redesigned the resonance circuit to give it our own unique spin on it. Also it has a low pass gate mode which is nice when you want to do your interesting bongo pinging drum sounds. But you can also get that quick attack with that nice decay. The envelope is a very sharp, tight envelope but opens up to be very long and relaxed. Overdrive in every part of the system. You can overdrive the VCA, you can overdrive the filter. You can overdrive the mixer, just to give it a fantastically modern pushing sound. It is Eurorack compatible 100% so modules can be removed from here when you decide to grow your system. Or you can use it stand alone just like it is. A great product. We are showing this for the first time today and we are very very excited about it. I’m Richard from Pittsburgh Modular and you’re watching