January 29, 2014

NAMM 2014 | QSC TouchMix Series

We’ve seen some pretty awe-inspiring digital mixing consoles over the last few years with a huge range of size, functionality, and affordability. Nearly every level of user experience and price range has some kind of digital mixing console within reach on the marketplace. The really innovative ones are the mixing consoles that are compact, affordable, and still offer a wide range of professional capabilities. A lot of times these consoles are iPad dependent meaning that most of the digital mixing functionality is controlled via an installed app. The QSC TouchMix looks to break the mold a bit with the inclusion of their own touch screen included on the TouchMix 16 and the TouchMix 8.

The TouchMix series of digital mixing consoles have all of the things you need to get a quality mix like graphic EQ, FX controls, filters and limiters, as well as phantom power on all the inputs. There are two USB ports on the back of the TouchMix 16 which allows you to connect a hard drive and record your mix directly on to that drive. You also have user presets and wizard controls which make even the most novice user feel very comfortable controlling a quality mix. For those that want to have remote mixing control, QSC have included a dongle which will help facilitate control with an iPad or compatible tablet. The whole package ships with a carrying case so you have reliability when transporting the TouchMix.

For a better look at the QSC TouchMix 18, check out the video above and if you have any questions or comments, be sure to lets us know in the comments below.



This is Phil Sanchez with QSC at Winter NAMM 2014. I’m excited to tell you guys all about our new TouchMix series of digital amplifiers. We have two models in the line the TouchMix 16 and the TouchMix 8 and what TouchMix was designed primarily for was live sound reinforcement applications. So it makes it ideal for performance venues, musicians, houses of worship, place like that and there’s three things I’d like to talk to you or help you guys know about TouchMix. First of all we can get professional results that are really easy to do. Big mixer features and specifications and compact and complete. So what do I mean by professional results made easy. Well we have Wizards and presets built in which allows people to quickly be able to come up to speed on the TouchMix and get a mix dialed up very quickly. Also with some of our other with the FX that are on board, we have simple and advanced modes. So the novice user. The simple mode just gives very minimal control over the FX while the advanced mode allows the user to get more involved and really control things. When we talk about big mixer features and specifications. We’ve got phantom power on all inputs. All 16 inputs on the 16. We also have four effects engines that can be used simultaneously across all 16 inputs. We have graphic EQ, 3rd octave graphic EQs built in. Filters, limiters, everything that even a concert engineer would probably want to use to do a mix all found in this simple thing. Also on the back there’s two USB ports. One of which can be used for plugging in a hard drive. We can do 16 tracks direct recording from the TouchMix which you can then take into a DAW to do further editing and things of that nature. Finally the last thing we talked about was compact and complete. Compact you can look and see it’s basically the size of a laptop so pretty easy to carry around. It weighs a little less than six pounds. Complete in that everything you will need to mix a show is included with the mixer. You don’t have to have an iPad or any other device to control it. It’s all built in. That said however, we know how people like to be able to do remote control of the devices. So we are also going to include a USB dongle in the box with the TouchMix that will allow for folks to use an iPad or some other modile device to be able to do mobile control. You can actually do simultaneous screen with your mobile device as well as what’s on the TouchMix itself. Complete in that it ships with the case so everything that you’ll need to go do the gig. You don’t need to buy a bag to carry your TouchMix around with you. Everything’s there. So again TouchMix from QSC. Professional results made easy. Big mixer features and specifications. Compact and complete. This is Phil Sanchez from QSC and you’re watching