January 7, 2013

Kim Deal Launches Solo 7″ Singles

Do you remember the first compact disc you bought at the record store?  All I remember is that they were a pain in the ass to keep clean, and the jewel cases that they came in were prone to breaking and cracking once dropped.  Still CDs were pretty revolutionary and having the ability to skip from track to track really made the portable CD player something worth having.  Before that cassette tapes were still used heavily (and were cheap), but the quality seriously degraded over time and songs had to be fast forwarded and re-winded constantly.

Vinyl records had their own good and bad qualities.  They couldn’t be recorded onto like magnetic tape or discs, but you didn’t have to suffer with speeding through tracks to find the next one.  In fact, you could visually spot the next track or even skip to specific parts in the track without needing …