March 22, 2013

Patch Lets You Schedule Scenes at Any Clock Time

One of the stronger selling points for Ableton is its versatility.  As a program, its developers quickly learning that most of its substance laid in the fact that it would be tweaked and basically reprogrammed by other developers.  Instead of this fact taking away from the software’s value, it has only added to it and has given birth to a community of developers behind it.  The mainstay of all the third party work for Ableton is really with VSTs and other types of plug-ins for the software – you no longer need to worry that the onboard selection of instruments will be enough for your production purposes, since you can always go out and download a few more.

Alternatively, patches and downloads for Ableton can perform other features besides adding space to your library of samples – effects are probably the most sought after plug in for Ableton and can …