March 11, 2013

Prepare a track for DJing with Ableton Live

Before the DJ had access to samples at the press of a button, they needed a machine to help them stay relevant.  This machine was not a laptop with a DVS loaded onto it, instead it had to be a physical groove box with preset samples, ready to go in a moment’s notice.  You know that reggae horn that you hear at the beginning of new tracks?  Imagine someone having to tape record that sound and having to press play at the exact moment it was required.  That sounds awful to me.  Luckily, even before computers were prevalent, sampling devices were being used in radio and for television production.

The concept of recalling samples is still used by DJs who need to throw down a quick line or noise in the middle of a set.  This can be achieved by simply loading up samples into a DVS and mapping them …