July 8, 2013

Nightclub Invites Bad Students To Get Drunk for Free

Have you ever wondered why underage drinking and alcoholism is so rampant at college communities?  Perhaps it is the fact that both men and women around the ages of 21 have been brought together?  Maybe it’s the fact that there seems to be an obvious lack of parental supervision?  Has anyone ever thought that maybe these kids are just so stressed out that they need something other than the opposite sex to relieve it?  Even the best students have been known to go out for a night of drinking after an incredibly hard test or exam.  It’s hard to be a student, and studying all day tends to wear down on your soul.

In a strange story, a local nightclub actually catered to kids who were stressing out about their college exams.  Those who had failed or done bad on a college exam were invited in for free drinks …