January 18, 2013

Moog Factory Tour: New Technology Preview

We have reached the end of our Moog Factory Tour series with a look at a new technology Moog are developing. With a sensoriactuator and ferromagnetism, Moog and their engineering department are dubbing this new technology LEV 96. Essentially what they are developing is something that takes natural harmonic tones and transfers them into the onboard analog circuit to produce unique tones and soundĀ palettes. The initial design is being used with an acoustic guitar but in the future, LEV-96 could potentially be affixed to a number of different surfaces. This little control surface boasts over 90 individual control systems so you can expect that the sonic possibilites here are potentially endless with enough creativity and exploration.

Unfortunately this is the end of the road for our Moog Factory Tour series as well as any new Moog news to announce before Winter NAMM 2013. We will of course be sharing …