October 17, 2012

DMX Lighting Tutorial Part 2: What is Addressing?

Learn how to set addresses on DMX lights in part 2 of this DMX lighting tutorial. If you don’t know a whole lot about DMX lighting, give part 1 of this DMX series a look. It will get you up to speed. In the following video we will cover how to address lights with multiple functions, discuss how to address lights using dipswitches as well as LED panels, and get into the mechanics of how it all works. We’ve got part 2 of our DMX lighting tutorials posted below.

DMX Lighting Tutorial Videos

Part 1. What is DMX?
Part 2. What is DMX Addressing?
Part 3. Dipswitches
Part 4. DMX Wiring
Part 5. Hardware and Software Setup


Hello my name is chris. Welcome back! This is part 2 of the uniquesquared DMX lighting series in which I’m explaining some of the basics of DMX lighting with the help