February 3, 2013

PDJ Portable DJ System

The quest for the most compact, all-in one DJ system still continues today.  There are so many different options and ways to achieve the same goal, that it makes finding the right set of gear, near impossible.  But there is a beauty within all of this madness.  We have the choice to decide what gear is best for us, and we can choose to spend thousands of dollars if we please, or we could spend only a few hundred.  Laptops might no longer be the newest thing out there to DJ with, but we still owe a debt of gratitude to these portable computers – because without them, DJs would have a harder time finding ways to lug their gear around.

The iPad has really made an influence in the way DJs look at computers, as a means of DJing.  They are less obtrusive and more powerful than the traditional, …