July 6, 2013

Germany to Detroit: Good Listening from DJ Koze

Frequently, artist will sign on to the same tour dates with the same production companies without knowing who they will actually be touring with.  You can easily assume that they would have something in common, right?  If it is a rap tour, you would expect to see the same hip-hop personalities together on stage, or at least concurrently with one after the next – but the idea of genres being lumped together is a thing of the past.  The modern music listener has a slew of different varieties they listen to, and some of these concert tours are built around this idea.  So, this means a rapper might end up on stage directly after a rock artist, and an electronic music maker might even be in the same tour bus as a country music singer.

Most can appreciate this idea, bringing genres together – but taking it a step further …


November 29, 2012

DMX Lighting Tutorial Part 5: Hardware and Software

In part 5 of our DMX Lighting Tutorial series we go over the hardware and software used to control a DMX lighting universe. Hardware like the Chauvet Obey 40 are great controllers for fixtures and changing entire scenes. Some of the pros of using hardware are typically matters concerning reliability. You can avoid potential crashes and hardware is often easier to control. Some of the drawbacks of hardware are that the actual hardware is not expandable and flexible like software can be, and only the higher end hardware consoles allow for certain lighting manipulations.

You can also use software to control your lighting and for this video we show off the American DJ myDMX which is a great tool to get you started for controlling a DMX lighting universe. Some of the advantages to using software are its expandability and flexibility, greater numbers of stored scenes and presets, and more advanced lighting control functions. While software can be …