October 16, 2012

Vox AGA30 – An acoustic amp with its own voice

If the ability to scratch on a vinyl turntable represents the true nature of a DJ’s skills, then the ability to shred on an acoustic guitar should shine light on the guitarists’ talent as well.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of minute details that simply cannot be heard on an unamplified acoustic guitar – to which there is only one solution: acoustic amplification.

Again, boosting an acoustic guitar is never ideal (compared to an electric guitar), but this doesn’t mean your options are nonexistent.  The Vox AGA30 is a small 30-watt amp that boasts a reasonable output level and some distortion and reverb options as well.…


September 16, 2011

Blackstar Amps and HT Studio 20 Review

Whats up everybody?  Jeff here, coming to you from  We have been hitting you all pretty hard with the Pro Audio blogs so far and I really think its time we show all of our low tech friends some love! We just picked up the Blackstar guitar amplifier line…which is pretty cool, because until now we only had a few starter amps and a bunch of digital modeling stuff.  With the addition of Blackstar we now have some serious ALL TUBE guitar amps!

I had heard a lot about these amps before they came in and knew a bit of the “Marshall” history that was involved and I have to admit, being a Fender guy through and through, I was very curious as to how they would match up to the classics we all love.  So naturally I took this opportunity to bust one open and take it for …