March 14, 2013

The Dubreq Stylophone S2

Whatever happened to using a stylus pen with your tablet device?  Remember when every palm PDA or pocket computer came with an annoying pen to write with?  These pens would become thinner from use and fall out of their compartments.  Even worse was when your device couldn’t understand your handwriting and you had to find objects top use as a replacement such as a paperclip or a pencil.  That was not a good time for pocket computing.  Today is much better, and screen no longer have to dummy around with pen in order to correctly receive input.

Touch sensitive screens use more than touch technology to sense our fingers.  Some of them even sense the heat from a finger, as not to confuse an accident bump with the motions of a live human finger.  Even though they have advanced quite well, they still have fundamental issues – like the shape …