October 20, 2011

Pro Tools 10 Announced: First Look

So, in a surprise move, AVID have managed to jump ahead of other things in the queue and made themselves the subject of my first real post for the UniqueSquared blog. How did they do this? By dropping Pro Tools version 10, seemingly hot on the heels of last year’s release of version 9. From what I’m looking at, it appears November is AVID’s decided month of choice for dropping upgrades . I’m only looking at the release information we’ve been given, so I’ll tell you what I know so far.


It appears the standalone purchase price of Pro Tools is going up to $699 from the current $599. Well, that’s the standard price, as opposed to our current price. That said, it looks as though you can save money on Pro Tools 10 by picking up a copy of Pro Tools 9. You’ll definitely want to get …