March 4, 2013

Arturia iMini For iPad

When it comes to selling a product for music producer, what type of sales strategy works the best?  Do you create one off products that are difficult to manufacture, that only a handful of musicians would be able to afford?  If this is the case, the scale of production will be relatively low, but it would offset a superior manufacturing technique and craftsmanship would also be excellent.  You would end up relying on the same customer base to keep you company alive.  Then there is the option of making a product incredibly cheap, that way it can be afford by many even though the quality of it may be questionable at times.

The second approach can have disastrous results if too little scrutiny is given to the way these items are created – but it can also be monumentally simpler if that construction is perfect every time, and it can …


January 11, 2013

Arturia MiniBrute Overview

If you read much about the Arturia MiniBrute in synth forums, you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone outside of the most absurdly elitist of synth snobs saying anything bad about it. While it is their first foray into proper analog hardware, Arturia have brought into the world a tough little synth with features not often aligned with the price point of the MiniBrute. They have been hard to get ahold of, but I finally picked up one during the brief second we had them in stock.

One of the nicer features that I don’t really touch on during this brief overview video is the aftertouch. While I mention it in passing, I don’t go on and on about just how rad aftertouch on an affordable analog synth is. So let me do it here: OMG YOU GUYS!!!! AFTERTOUCH!!!!

That said, it really is quite a nice option to have …