July 3, 2012

Enferno with the Casio XW-G1

The night was fast approaching and it wouldn’t be long before DJ Enferno was spinning for an excited crowd at Opera, one of Atlanta’s hottest clubs. I arrived with the rest of the UniqueSquared video team in the middle of soundcheck. Thankfully, DJ Enferno had some time after to talk to us and put together a demo on the Casio keyboard that he uses in his live remix setup. It’s Casio’s XW-G1, a member of their new XW line of professional keyboards.

At first I was skeptical. When I think of Casio, I don’t think of professional keyboards. I hear Casio and I think of G-Force watches and remember the cheesy little 61-key digital piano that I got for Christmas when I was twelve. Don’t get me wrong, I loved that keyboard and played with it for hours and hours as a child. Even now when I find myself …