March 20, 2013

How Can I Level The Volumes Of My Tunes?

Although digital music is technically a better way to produce and copy “sound”, it doesn’t mean that it is free from the same problems encountered with vinyl records.  The digital file itself is not at fault here, but rather, the way people decide to burn or produce an mp3.  The format itself can be written in different hierarchies of quality, and each tier weighs slightly more than the next.  The problem is created when a bad source of sound is written in too high of a quality, or a crummy sample is boosted for loudness.  It creates an mp3 that is unequal to the rest of the music in the folder.

One way of dealing with the problem of volume, is to use your ears and the limiters inside of your DVS.  They will tell you just how loud a song is and will offer you a means of …