March 14, 2013

Native Instruments Komplete 9: Is It Worth Upgrading?

Forums, news feeds, social media networks, and email in boxes lit up Monday with the announcement from Native Instruments that their immensely popular Komplete software instrument suite will be getting an update from version 8 to the new version 9. This comes nearly two years after the Komplete 8 update which came out in the late summer of 2011. The official release of Komplete 9 is March 27th but we now know what instruments and effects will be included in the update which you can read in detail here.

The big question for most of us is: Should we bother upgrading? Are we going to be getting anything worthwhile out of this update? While reading these forums, blogs, and social media posts, I began to notice that there was a lot of disdain mixed with “yeah whatever” when it comes to this release, and rightfully so. Many of the instruments and effects that are …


November 29, 2012

Da Capo Symphonic Sound Library For Mac, Windows

There is an unusually high demand for DAWs and other types of software that can faithfully replicate the sounds of a classical orchestra and other contemporary instruments.  The producers who seek this type of software usually aren’t looking to create pop music from their computers – instead they are looking to create scores for films and documentaries; and it’s not an easy task.  This is why soundtracks are usually created from actual orchestras and live musicians, as it is difficult to replicate the true sound of an orchestra.  Still, software engineers are getting better at creating these programs, and have taken various approaches to give the producer the best set of tools.

Programs like Native Instruments Batter 3 use state of the art sample engines, but really shine when it comes to the amount of samples you have to produce with.  It would be hard not to find a drum …