March 14, 2013

Native Instruments Komplete 9: Is It Worth Upgrading?

Forums, news feeds, social media networks, and email in boxes lit up Monday with the announcement from Native Instruments that their immensely popular Komplete software instrument suite will be getting an update from version 8 to the new version 9. This comes nearly two years after the Komplete 8 update which came out in the late summer of 2011. The official release of Komplete 9 is March 27th but we now know what instruments and effects will be included in the update which you can read in detail here.

The big question for most of us is: Should we bother upgrading? Are we going to be getting anything worthwhile out of this update? While reading these forums, blogs, and social media posts, I began to notice that there was a lot of disdain mixed with “yeah whatever” when it comes to this release, and rightfully so. Many of the instruments and effects that are …


September 24, 2012

Le Castle Vania: Personal Studio Gear

It’s no big secret: EDM producers work almost exclusively on their laptops. Anybody could get a laptop, the right software, and produce tracks just like Le Castle Vania or deadmau5, right? Well, almost. We toured the 2012 ID Festival with Le Castle Vania and had the pleasure of bringing him onto our bus. Le Castle Vania talked about some of the outboard gear he uses in this part of the exclusive interview on the UniqueSquared Mobile Studio. He’s come a long way from remixing tracks in his bedroom to headlining festivals and he shared that journey with us. You can check that out here if you missed it. Also, be on the lookout for the final part of Le Castle Vania’s interview in which he gives some guidance for any up and coming artists.


One thing that I would definitely like to have in my studio is a


May 11, 2012

Ableton Vs Maschine – Which One is Best?

We stumbled upon a bit of a debate while looking into how to deal with some upcoming tutorials. Apparently, a very hot topic of debate out there is being approached as “should I get Ableton or Maschine?”  In other cases it manifests as just, “Ableton vs. Maschine.” I think this is an interesting approach to the topic. I’m not going to say this is the wrong way to approach these kind of decisions. I do, however, want to suggest that this mentality suffers from some critical issues that often make the discussion derail itself early on in a forum context.


Forums are a blessing and a curse. Some forums are extraordinarily helpful and even have policies in place about not having “flame wars” and generally being polite to one another. Other forums are less worried about this and the admins don’t intervene until the last possible second, if …