December 21, 2012

Uli Behringer: Get your questions in

It’s hard to believe that a German DJ gear manufacturer would have difficulties competing with a line of similar Japanese made products, and somehow be seen as the “cheaper” alternative.  When it comes to auto production, Japanese cars have clearly gone the economical route, leaving the high prices luxury cars to the Germans.  It’s just not the same when it comes to DJ equipment.  Behringer has always been the cheaper alternative, and has even copied the designs while hoping to sell at a lower pricing point.  Years ago, there were Behringer products that were safe to call junk, and the community made sure that their feedback was heard.

Behringer has since vamped up their production, and their products today look more hopeful than ever.  Behringer has always been a horizontally grown company, with products ranging from mixers to mounting hardware – and we’ve seen the quality grow in all of …